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Looking for a fan knot

I recently got an Ever Ready 200T that will be my first brush restore. I think I want to put a synthetic knot in it and make a travel brush. I only have one brush, and it is a pure badger bulb knot. I'm strictly a face latherer, so I would like to try a fan knot. It seems there are not many fan knots in general, and even less in synthetic.

The two knots I am finding are the hybrid Ubersoft at Envy Shave, and what appears to be a fan knot at Virginia Sheng. I have read good things on B&B about the Virginia Sheng Pur-Tech, but nothing on her site mentions the words Pur-Tech. Is this the same knot?

I'm open to suggestions and advice. I like some backbone and a little scrub. I would like to keep the price on the lower end of the spectrum since this is my first restore. I don't want to get too deep in case I completely botch setting the knot.

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