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Looking for a brush that splays flat - Suggestions?

I'm looking for a shaving brush that easily splays out flat, and isn't "springy", so it stays fanned out relatively flat during use...

(I bowl lather, and after a quick circular scrub on the face, I like to apply my lather with painting strokes. My Escali Badger brush does this very well - and holds the flat shape without bouncing back. In a sense, I am applying my lather more with the inside surface of the splayed hairs, than with the actual tips.)

Now, I could just stick with the Escali and keep doing what I'm doing, but I'm interested to see if there is something else I can try that has these characteristics. Since it's an Escali that I'm trying to beat, I'd like to keep the cost on the lower end.

Even if you had a brush that sounds like this and absolutely hated it, that would be useful information!

Thank you for your suggestions.
Just about any knot should act like that if you set it high enough. Avoid two-band or high-density knots, because they may have too much backbone for your taste. But I think you would get an easy splay with something from http://thegoldennib.com/wet-shaving/badger-hair-knots/best-badger-knots.html set high: say 22-mm set at 55-60 mm. TGN also offers reasonably-priced handles in a range of styles, and you can assemble it yourself to ensure that the loft matches your taste.
A brush with a fan shape and without too much backbone would work well for you.

The Kent BK4 and BK8 would fit the bill except for price. Another option would be a brush with a TGN Finest knot set to a higher loft. I have a brush with a 24mm knot set to 52mm loft and it splays easily without being springy. It feels quite big so if you wanted to go smaller, maybe 22mm with a 50mm loft or so.

Or the sale Rooney super silvertips at Vintage Blades if there are any left...
Omega silvertips may work for you. Check out the 6234...soft tips, big splay, great for bowl lathering (not so good for face lathering).
Not sure if you're just looking for badger but I agree with the stuff above if you are. If you want to try boar, an Omega 49 splays pretty well for me too.
You want a tulip style brush. Google search for "tulip shaving brush" and compare your available options. A nice sale on Rooney's at Vintage Blades.
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From what I gather, kent silvertips and plisson synthetic splay easily...
Heck - I thought all brushes, set with enough high loft, splay fully (hence the term "floppy")
I wonder if the Semogue silvertips (not the 2-band SOC) are worth looking at? They're inexpensive for badger and - from what I hear - have a lot of flex in the knot.
Oh good call...the 730HD is supposed to be fairly floppy yet soft.

It's funny but if the 730HD was set 5mm deeper it would be 10x more popular.
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The Plisson synthetic does everything you state except "stay flat", although there is probably not an easier splaying brush available on the market. It also excels at "painting strokes" since that's how you said you mainly spread your lather.

I was going to say a flat top as well. I have gone to face lathering for the summer but, I have a Shavemac Flat Top Silvertip D01 that sounds exactly like what your looking for. If interested let me know I may be persuaded to let her go via trade or sale. Let me know if there is any interest.
Well, it looks like I have some brushes to research... Thank you, and feel free to keep the suggestions coming!

Looks like most of the suggestions so far are badgers, though I would be open to trying a boar that behaves the way I want. Looks like TGN has some good custom options too, so I'll be considering that route too.

As for these "flat top" brushes, the pictures look intriguing... who makes one?
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