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Looking back on first year with DE - hugosf

Emulating @T Bone and @spacemonkey42, let’s compile my first year on B&B.

I’ve been using eletric shavers since I was a teenager. My first eletric shaver was one I “borrowed” from my uncle. I didn’t prep my skin and the eletric shaver was fast and gave satisfactory results. I never got into cartridges, I used a Mach 3 a dozen times in my entire life.

This is my second time in wet shaving. I tried before in 2017 or 2018, I don’t remember exactly. At time I got a 6C, Cremo soap, a Captain’s Choice ceramic bowl and a Semogue boar. My former job was extremely stressful at a federal government. I woke up early, that way I never had the patience to thrive with a DE razor. I didn’t get good information at the time, I watched a few YT videos, tried to sign in here, used the razor a few times and put all in a box. I get also some Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club cartridges and I didn’t like those too.

I didn’t know what ignited my curiosity about wet shaving again. Maybe is the lockdown or a more economical and ecological way to shave, I really don’t know, but I get back my stuff from the box and tried again. This time, with home office, and more information is really easy to get things done.

First month I used my old stuff. Now I understood why my first attempt with wet shaving didn’t get well. In my country we didn’t use hot water in the faucet, this way the Cremo didn’t lather properly and clogged the razor, also my boar brush wasn’t broke in. I’ve bought a Yaqi synthetic and a Proraso tube. When I dial in, I was really impressed with the shaves.

As I live in Brazil, I have to buy a certain amount of gear to be cost effective, besides that the package take a lot of time to get here, so I get the gear in “waves”. Sometimes when I receive a item I already realize that is not what I like 😂. My local post office is so slow, sometimes my preferences change before I receive the second package:p

I’m glad this second try get right. Now shaving is relaxing and my skin really like the products.


That’s the shaving item I was most attracted. My RAD is strong 😁

My first razor was a 6C. It was nice to play with all the plates, but none of those was efficient enough. My second razor was a Merkur 34HD that was mild too and gave it away. My third razor is a Gamechanger, is really a Gamechanger, that was the first razor that shaves close enough. Meanwhile, I read a lot about Wolfman razor, so I put my name on the list. I was expecting to get in a year or so, but my I receive a email in 2 or 3 months. It was before the prices went up, so I pulled the trigger blindly. It was a impulse buy, but it was a good one. Later, I scored a Blackbird in a really good deal, around 100.00 😍

Year 2: I’m not a collector, so what I didn’t use I sell or PIFd. I convert my younger brother and a friend to get into wet shaving.

I think I’m settled down on the razor territory. Probably, I will stopped buying new DE razors, although I’m interested to try straight razors.


My first blade purchase was a 300 Astra SP blades. I don’t know why I bought so many blades. Probably I though that is a 1 shave per blade 🤭. I also got a sample pack.

YEAR 2: I‘ll try new blades until I discover my favorites.


Using Proraso, Col Conk and Arko are good starters. Recently I acquired artisan soaps and I like the post feel.

YEAR 2: I’m trying new soaps and looking for a soap that lathers well and nourish my skin.


That’s the shaving product that attracts me the least.

YEAR 2: I’m looking for a good synthetic and a good badger.


I think my technique is good. I like efficient razors and I’ve been able to get great shaves with mild and efficient razors. No nicks or weepers.

Year 2: Always trying to learn new tricks.


Unfortunatly, import aftershave is difficult, so my experience is very limited.

YEAR 2: Likely, no differences from year 1


It was a great year. I purchased a lot of things, sold and PIFd some. I found a lot of information here, thank you all guys.

I’ll try to convert more people to wet shaving in the year 2 🤞
One of the first major changes I made after starting wet shaving was changing from a low-quality badger brush to a very nice synthetic brush, made a big difference in lather quality!!
Take me months to dial in lather. Seeing YT videos didn’t help, influencers use a lot of product and make tons of lather. Old videos fill the puck with water. None of the videos help me to make a good lather. Using a lot of product dried my skin and soaking the tube with water ruined my first puck.

Using a boar brush without broke in first gave me irritations. Only here I learned how to clean a brush (the funk was awful) and broke in a boar brush.

The information here on B&B was crucial to success in wet shaving. A lot of good information about technique and products (importing goodies is expensive, so impartial reviews are very important to me).
The information here on B&B was crucial to success in wet shaving. A lot of good information about technique and products (importing goodies is expensive, so impartial reviews are very important to me).
I completely agree with you!! The youtube videos are good at getting me curious, but it's B&B where I learned so much about techniques and equipment!! Lots of good people here that take the time to help newbies figure things out!!


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:thumbup: !!!WOOHOO!!! :thumbup:

A year of wet shaving on the books, now thats what I call a success story. When there's strange whiskers, on your face, what you gonna use, safety razor! 😁 I tell you what, no matter where you live, once you fall into that rabbit hole, the collecting never ends my friend. And I hear ya on the buying in waves, thats kind of what I do. Each month I buy more shaving supplies, and thats how I have been building up my supplies.

Now, with such a success story such as yours, I wanna see pictures of your hardware and software. Show off that gear with pride. (SWCT takes a deep breath, uses that diaphragm) 1-year successful run in traditional wet shaving for @hugosf :thumbup: !!!WOOT!!! :thumbup: !!!WOOT!!! :thumbup: !!!WOOT!!! :thumbup:

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