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Long time shaver short time collector.

Wow, quite the score!

That Gem is a Micromatic. The model is called a Flying Wing or Bullet Tip by enthusiasts. Check out the Micromatic Monday thread.

The Model C AutoStrop should take a modified Gem blade. The AutoStrop blades were well greased inside their packaging. They are sometimes still usable, especially if the strop is usable or at least can be revived.

I can gift you a few Gem blades if you want to try either razor.

That 3 piece Gillette looks like a New Short Comb, one of my favorite Gillette New models. Those Techs are beloved razors as well.

The injectors are an M (adjustable), three Ls, and a couple Js. Sounds like you are using the blades, which should be in fine shape.

B&B is full of information on all those classics. I am not an adjustable fan for the most part, so I am not so knowledgable there. Or on the topic of DE TTOs in general.
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