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I shaved a fortune
Welcome to the B&B community from Gainesville, Florida... We're in for some hot weather coming up.. even for Florida in the summer.
Also while I briefly have the mic and for any new people reading this, everybody’s skin is different. Some people can dry shave with an aggressive razor and have no irritation and no post-shave care and not have a problem, and some need pre-shave, moisturizing soap, mild razor, alum, witch hazel, sensitive balm, and non-comedogenic post shave moisturizer. Some can stretch their skin as far as possible to get BBS, and some can bullfrog and make their skin as lax as possible and get better shave. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own journey. Do what brings you happiness. Whether that is pouring a splash of tequila on your face and drinking the rest, or stealing your wife’s facial regimen. Just enjoy the ride!
Yeah, the end of that was just brilliant. Nice picture of family too, good work.
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