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Long time lurker

First post. Have been following this site since 2017. Here’s my first contribution. Looking forward to many more.

Soap: B&M Reserve Cool

Brush: Dogwood Handcrafts 26mm Badger

Razor: Rockwell 6S

Blade: Feather

AS: B&M Reserve Cool

BBS 10/10 ;)


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More about my background,

I’m a physician that does a mixture of clinic and hospital in rural Northeast Mississippi. Started getting into DE shaving when I was required to clean shave in med school. Always had trouble with razor burn on neck with cartridges and found this site that quickly answered my problems, thanks to a very knowledgeable community that are willing to help out and give advice from years of experience.

Husband to a loving wife and father to a beautiful 14 month old girl. Very blessed.


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Welcome, nice good to have another Rockwell brother.
What plate to do you usually prefer?
I change it up to keep myself honest 😂. A lot of my plate selection depends on how sharp my blade is. Daily shaves I’ll usually go plate 3 if I shaved the day before or 4 if it’s been 2 days. But I’m comfortable with anywhere from 3-6. If I have time and not in a rush, I’ll throw a feather blade in a 6 plate and test my technique. But GSB or Astra SP on a 3-4 I can reliably get a quick shave with no irritation. Plates 1-2 are too mild for me even with a sharp blade.
As long as you can make a good lather, know your facial hair pattern, and consistently find the right angle to let the blade do the work, it doesn’t matter the combination in my opinion. Just fine tune blade gap/plate/razor selection to blade sharpness and enjoy the shave.

I mix it up just to break up monotony. It’s fun testing out a wide range of blade gaps and blades. At the end of the day it all comes down to fundamentals and technique. Once those are solid, the rest is all pure enjoyment!

And regarding lather and post-shave. I’ll alternate lathering in soap container, bowl, face, and palm lather. I also will switch up alum, witch hazel, salicylic acid, AS splash, and balm. All work great. I at least try to get some sore of astringent and a moisturizer, preferably one with SPF this time of year. Lately I’ve used AS splash and neutrogena hydro boost with SPF
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Also while I briefly have the mic and for any new people reading this, everybody’s skin is different. Some people can dry shave with an aggressive razor and have no irritation and no post-shave care and not have a problem, and some need pre-shave, moisturizing soap, mild razor, alum, witch hazel, sensitive balm, and non-comedogenic post shave moisturizer. Some can stretch their skin as far as possible to get BBS, and some can bullfrog and make their skin as lax as possible and get better shave. Everyone is unique and everyone has their own journey. Do what brings you happiness. Whether that is pouring a splash of tequila on your face and drinking the rest, or stealing your wife’s facial regimen. Just enjoy the ride!
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I started lurking back in 2016 when I adopted wet-shaving as a hobby. I was lurking on B&B for a couple of years before I signed up and joined the conversation. I thought that was a long time ...! Welcome! Greetings from Europe.
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