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Long-time head shaver, but newbie to forum!

1. Anyway, can I get some recommendations for a great DE razor? What about the blades themselves?
2. Recommendations for a better lather product? I'm interested in the Dreadnought Shaving Cream. Any comments on it?
3. What about a quality lather brush?
Just so you know, you just opened a bigger can of worms with these questions. Before giving you any recommendations:
  • Do you have a budget you are trying to stick to?
  • Are you in the U.S?
  • Any problem with online ordering?
1. I did some research and saw a DE for like $170. Probably not interested in that at this time, but if someone had a recommendation of a high-end one, I'd listen. A lot were in the $30-80 range, which would be perfectly acceptable. But, again, I'm open.

2. Yes, I'm in the USA.

3. I have no problem ordering online. I almost prefer it that way nowadays, since most things I'm starting to gravitate too aren't readily available at stores here in central Arkansas anyway.
Wow! Thanks for all the responses everyone! I have to admit, as a 45 yr. old guy, it seems strange to ask other people how to do what I've been doing for so many years now, but here I am. Lol.

I guess I need a primer on what a DE is along with BBS, other acronyms, etc.

I've never used a single blade razor and it seems like I see a few differing opinions on that so far. I do see a pretty strong advocation for going with the grain and taking things slower than normal. Not gonna lie, I'm in the shower chopping wood to just get this done. So, basically eating the elephant in as few bites as possible. Gonna have to try the advice I see here, as it seems pretty darn sound. Slowing down, going with the grain, then across.....and finally against, but only if needed.

One thing I didn't mention is that my head (and face, but that part of my cranium is for another thread) is always VERY oily. Although, my scalp is the oiliest of the two regions.

I actually have some unused witch hazel already here at home, but I'm not familiar with glycerin. What is it's purpose? Where do I buy it? Certain type or brand?

I also think I may need to step up to shaving Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday to help having to take so much off at a time.

Have I forgotten to address anything?
Hi Fathomblue welcome to B&B. I’m a cold water face and head shaver. Like most I have sensitive skin areas. To me the most important parts of the shave are the pre shave routine and the post shave routine. If you do not have sensitive skin they are not as important. If you do not have and keep healthy skin it is extremely difficult to get a great shave. There are many reviews and resources on the site to help you sort it out. Good Luck, and Great Shaves
Anyone use Blackland razors? They're pretty pricey, but they appear to have top-notch craftsmanship.

I'm specifically interested in the Blackbird model, but I'd love to hear about experiences with any of their stuff.
I shave AGAINST the grain.
I started shaving my bald spot a few months ago. My wife often shaves it for me since I can’t see it all. All went well until this morning. I normally shave with the grain, but for some reason I decided to shave with the grain. Even though I had a good lather and a new sharp blade, I sliced a pea size patch of skin clean off my head.

No more shaving ATG and I’ll let my wife do it from now on. It’s hard for me to do and she loves doing it.
Well, based on the responses here in this thread, the forum in general, and other research.....I purchased a DE safety razor and other products. Actually had my very first shave tonight. Think I'm going to start a new thread, because......