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Long Rifle Soap Co. shaving soap review

Hey guys, just a quick review from a rookie wet shaver. I've been lurking on here getting information on products to try since I started using a DE razor late last year so I thought I would share a review of a soap I tried. It is a soap made in my home town (Green Bay, Wisconsin), hand crafted with some locally sourced ingredients. You can get yours on Etsy just search "Long Rifle Soap," or check them out at www.longriflesoap.com.

Now for the review. It comes in multiple scents but the one that I tried is called Leatherstocking. The soap smells great and the fragrance hangs around for a while but it wouldn't interfere with cologne. I kind of didn't want to apply aftershave and balm because I didn't want to cover up the scent.

The soap is easy to lather quickly and it is thick and creamy. It's a tallow based soap and seemed thicker and creamier than the glycerin soap I have used previously.

During shaving the soap offers good protection for your skin, keeping it slick so the blade glides. Here the soap performed differently from glycerin soap as it is somewhat less slick but stayed in place better until the blade pushes it away. It also applies more evenly.

Post shave it leaves my skin extremely soft, could almost go without balm. I have sensitive skin and thick facial hair so I use a mild blade on a more aggressive razor. I don't usually have razor burn and I didn't have it with this soap.

Next I'm going to get their Bay Rum scent which smells amazing; they were sold out of it at the farmer's market which isn't surprising because they have a great product.

The soap comes in a nice tin and is $10 for a puck. Ingredients: water, locally sourced tallow, palm stearate, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, unrefined shea butter, aloe vera, babassu oil, patchouli, pine, and orange essential oil.

If anybody has any questions I'll try and answer them and I hope my review covered all the bases!
I just tried it for the first time myself and found it to be a wonderful shave. I will definitely be trying the other versions. A must have in the rotation!
Maybe they can get Favre to endorse their shave soap. He's back in town this weekend! :lol:

Glad some people gave it a try and like it! Now that I have been using it for a while I can say that I still love it and its nice to have a local source for soap. Cool to see some other GB folks on here as well. I hope this soap ends up in a local shop. Its going to be my go to soap.
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