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Long Long term storage of soaps

That may be a little small for full size pucks, the bags need a little room to get into the sealer. You may want to ask around and just borrow a unit if this is all you want to do. I really am not that familiar with the products available.

Thanks Jim. I'll probably just buy the bags and get everything ready to go and see if I can borrow a unit

What do you think of the oxygen storers btw? Is it just kinda like a desiccant? Think it would suck away some of the scent?

There's also zip top mylar bags. Zip lock + hot iron maybe?
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it is a heat sealer with a vacuum pump.

Put the contents in the bag. position the bag in the sealer. press down slightly to start the vacuum pump and when all the air is out press the rest of the way down to sit the bag on the hot rods to seal the bag closed air tight.

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If you were to seal AOS would you seal them in their boxes?

Personal preference really. It shouldn't make any difference. Although from my very brief reading on Mylar it appears it does not have the greatest puncture strength, so sharp corners may pose an issue
I keep a couple of spare pucks (loose & bowls) in the thicker Ziplock Heavy Duty, quart-size, Freezer bags. They work fine for me since I'm too old to think in decades.
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