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L'ome shave soap-experiences

Hello gents. I was just looking at French Soaps website and noticed that the L'ome shave soap in the bowl will not ship til 8/9/06. When this originally came up on their site the L'ome products were supposedt to be stocked by 6/19/06. Everything else is available so either the soap w/bowl didn't come in the inventory or it sold out quick. I'm inclined to think the latter. There was some talk of this soap a few months ago. I just wondered if any members had tried and what the experience was like. This stuff looks quite similar to the L'occitane Cade shave soap and I think someone said that the supplier for each brand was the same. If you've tried it, is it the same or similar to the Cade? If so, I'll pass on buying it. I like the Cade but it is not at the top of my list so a duplicate is unnecessary. I do like the ceramic bowl it comes in though it would be neater with a lid. Thanks.

Regards, Todd
I have both. I can tell you they are not the same. The L'occitane Cade shave soap is made with Shea Butter and Macadam Nut.

L'ome is very nice, has no or little scent at all. Lathers well and leaves the face very soft and clean. Here are some of the key ingredients: Olive oil, (Sea Buckthorn) fruit extract, Sweet Almond Oil.

I like it quite a bit, it just lacks a scent.

Craig, I'm surprised that the Cade soap is so good and the cream version is so lousy. I saw the L'ome soap in a store here in Montreal, but it's very expensive, so I backed away from it.

Craig, thanks for the quick reply. I have of late payed very little attention to scent when shaving. I have been more clinical, for lack of a better description, in my approach to new lathers. This leads to a jaundiced eye when comparing nice smelling products to great performing products. Truth be told, I like a good variety of lathers, their scents, even their textures. I was really interested in the French soaps after trying my first in the Pre de Provence. They make a near cream for a lather and as you've mentioned, leave the old visage as soft as kid leather. This will go on the buy list.

Jeff, thanks for adding that anecdote about the Cade shave cream. I wondered if my experience was an anomoly. Apparently it was not. We have a Sephora store locally that carries some L'occitane products but unfortunately, the shave soap is not one of them. They do however carry the Cade shave cream. I have never been so dissapointed in a premium priced product. The kind lady at the store gave me a most generous sized sample and that produced enough lather for 2 shaves. Thanks but no thanks. I did not mention this on the forum because my rule of thumb, which I hardly EVER break, is to give a new lather 3-5 shaves before making any kind of decision. I would have given the Cade another go but I ran out. I know it wouldn't have changed my mind anyway. It's just not for me. At $28 per tube, this will NOT be going in my toiletry locker. I certainly hope there are others who get great results from it.

Regards, Todd
Scotto said:
Interesting - the CADE cream was reformulated not that long ago; I wonder which you got. The old version was next to useless, but the new one I thought was very nice.
I am in complete agreement here. The reformulated cream is excellent.
I had a similar experience with Sephora and samples of the CADE cream. I am beginning to suspect that their sample tube is ready to draw social security. - Justin
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