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L'Occtober 2016!

No national soap here, at least that I would be aware of. We have a few artisans producing shaving soaps, but these are mostly sold only on local markets.

Switzerland is definitely not a paradise for traditional wet shavers. Offerings in the stores are usually limited to canned goo as well as the shaving stuff of Palmolive and Tabac, and that's about it.

L'Occitane has a pretty extensive number of boutiques across the country, so Cade as well as their whole range of shaving creams and corresponding ASB are easy to find.

Thankfully, there are a few specialized shops for wet shaving stuff. I am working within walking distance of the largest one. The shop offers a wide range of stuff, mainly from the UK, like Taylor, Trumper, Truefitt, Harris, Penhaligon, St James, Tabula Rasa, Musgo, Proraso or Acca Kappa.

Interesting, thanks for the info!
That's pretty cool that you have a retail shop near you though, on the other hand I'm not sure if that's necessarily a good thing :laugh:
[MENTION=111728]Clausewitz[/MENTION] it is definitely not an advantage to have such a shop this close... On hand, they are really great at the shop, I can bring my straights to have them honed and prepared whenever needed, but then, difficult to resist with such a wide choice and there always is one or another new arrival just asking to be tested...

this morning was pleasantly warm, so I decided to switch back from Tabactober to Occtober for today...

October 27th
​ Occtober #9

Razor: 34c
Soap: Occitane Cade
ASB: Occitane Cade
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