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L'Occtober 2016!

It was brought to my attention that I left out L'Occtober. So here is the thread for those that will be participating for the month!
Thankfully, I committed to Tabactober for at least 3 times week, leaving therefore upto 4 times a week to Occtober.

I think I am going to love October...
i started l'occtober a bit early. used the cade shower gel, cade shave soap and the cade EDT for my ritual sunday night shower and shave. as usual it was fantastic. i seem to use more creams lately than soaps just cause i'm lazy and can get a face later going some one minute earlier with creams but i will never be able to go more than a few shaves before i go back for more cade. bring on l'occtober!
Bump for more joins.

Because honestly if you (or your son/grandson for you older cats) were going on a date with this woman would you really pick Tabac over L'Occitane? Didn't think so....

I do have a puck of L'occtaine sitting in the back of my stash. I will pull it out atleast once or twice and get a couple shaves in. The soap is a good soap... but sorry [MENTION=111728]Clausewitz[/MENTION] I do prefer Tabac.
This month, I am as well in the Tabactober as the Occtober and will try to make at least three days a week with each...

October 3rd

Razor: 34c
Soap: Occitane Cade
ASB: Occitane Cade
Love the Cade. If I wasn't committed to Tabac everyday until it's gone, I would be all over this. For some reason, my favorite is a tube of the Cade cream, squeezed out into an Ikea grundtal container for easy loading. The Cade always gives me the feel of pure luxury with its wonderful creaminess, and classy scent. Love it!
Razor: '63 Fatboy Set #5
Blade: Rapira Plat Lux (10)
Soap/cream: L'occitane Cade Soap
Brush: 24 mm Plissoft synthetic
Aftershave1: Florida Water
Aftershave2: N/A
October 5

Razor: Merkur 39c
Blade: PolSilver SI (3)
Soap/cream: Cade Soap
Brush: 24mm WSP Monarch in SuperFine
Aftershave1: Lucky Tiger Tonic
Aftershave2: Havana by Barberry Coast Shave Co

Shave today was excellent, i was a little rushed for time so I went with the Merkur as I can get BBS in two passes. And Cade passed the ultra aggressive razor test with flying colors.
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