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L'Occitane Vetyver v. Floris Vetiver

I was just in a L'occitaine store and they were all out of the vetyver cologne. I smelled the shower gel and I really enjoy this fragrance. I also checked online and it says they are out of stock. How does the Floris Vetiver compare to the L'occitaine? Is this a case of you like one you will like the other or are they completely different? Thanks for your help.

To my nose they are different. I prefer the Floris iteration. The other does not appeal to me. It is more synthetic.
Hey Chris,

Based on recommendations here and at Basenotes, I purchased the Guerlain Vetiver and I must say it is...DEE-lightful.
Very reasonably priced as well.
Not wanting to offend anyone but is the Floris or Guerlain considered an "old man" fragrance? I am only 23 and I am looking for something that smells more professional (about to start a new job), but not to old. Maybe there are threads started on this particular topic but I have not found them. I currently own Aqcua Di Gio and Kenneth Cole Black and have received samples from T & H and Penhaligon's.

Out of the samples I have received I have liked T & H 1805, clubman, spanish leather, freshman and Penhaligon's Endymion (which I have read is not an everyday or work fragrance). I did not like Penhaligon's Douro or Castile, and from T&H I did not like: West Indian Limes, Trafalgar, and Grafton. (Also by "I" I really mean my girlfriend and I since she must approve as well).

I guess I am looking for a fragrance that will impress. I am going to get some samples from scentamentals on basenotes and am looking for suggestions.

Chris, you are close in age to my son. He really enjoys 1805. He does think vetiver is an old man scent.
I want to correct my earlier posting. I also own and enjoy Guerlain Vetiver. It is part of my cologne rotation. I just happen to like Floris better.

The current Guerlain has been reformulated. The previous iteration was more mossy. Truly a classic scent that was modernized.
Thanks for your help. I am wearing some of the sample of T&H clubman I received and it reminds me of Polo Sport or something that I used to wear in high school.

I have read a lot about Creed's fragrances. Are these more suited for younger people? I saw that you posted it in your SOTD. Thanks.

Some of the Creed EDTs are overrated. Green Irish Tweed is similar to 1805. I did not like Vetiver nor Himalayan. I do like MI and Taborone and Bois de Portugal.

Yes I think they would appeal to younger gentlemen. My son will probably claim GIT when he is home next summer.
Thanks for your help Austin. One more question. I have read many good things about other Penhaligon's I have yet to try i.e. English Fern, Blenheim Bouquet, and Hamman Bouquet. Would these fragrances be considered to mature for someone my age? I am particularly interesed in the English Fern since I like the review Scotto did on it, but I am worried it might not fit.

Penhaligons English Fern is a very refined scent. You may like it. It is subtle but long lasting. For your age group I would not recommend Hamman Bouquet nor Blenheim. I think Castile and Opus 1870 would be appealing to you. YMMV.
Jack Bauer said:
Thanks for your help Austin. One more question. I have read many good things about other Penhaligon's I have yet to try i.e. English Fern, Blenheim Bouquet, and Hamman Bouquet. Would these fragrances be considered to mature for someone my age? I am particularly interesed in the English Fern since I like the review Scotto did on it, but I am worried it might not fit.


I've tried the three you mention here and my wife said that I smelled "like an old man" with each one. I'm in my 30's, BTW. You may want to try some of Penhaligon's other offerings if you're wanting something more contemporary.
Very informative. Thanks guys. I am going to have to drop into a Neiman Marcus and smell the Creeds (although I refuse to pay full price for a bottle as I am not yet a millionaire). I still want to order some samples or decants from scentamentals because although I do like the 1805 I want something a bit more unique.

I would love to hear what Joel has to say about this as he is around my age. I was worried some of the Penhaligon's would be to old for me.


I'm 25, so I can probably help you somewhat. I found that alot of the Penhaligons were too old for me (or atleast I perceived the scents as such). I didn't like the Hammam Bouquet, as it was too floral.

I did like the LP No9- it is a sweet, clove/spice scent mixed with some musk. I think the best description is a sitting with a girlfriend on a date on the couch, at that point where you first start dating. Does that make any sense?

Opus 1870-I like this scent, however I found that the Black Pepper scent in it was pretty much all I really got out of it sometimes.

Endymion is also a nice scent, and I really note a cedar note in that one, mixed with a slight bit of sweetness to me.

As for the Creeds
-I really like the Original Santal, and I've got very very good feedback from the opposite sex regarding that. Tell you the quick story regarding this scent. . . I got a sample off Basenotes, and wore it to class (I'm in Grad School), early morning, not really paying attention, but I notice the girl beside me keeps leaning in near my backpack, and I realize she is smelling me. Well it goes on the whole class, her smelling me 8-10 times in 50 minutes. . . class ends she basically says "I want you to take me out tonight, and wear whatever you have on now." Now I'm a decent looking guy, but hadn't had that happen for a while, and kind of out of the blue, so suffice to say, I picked up a bottle later that day. (Disclaimer-> You may not have the same results, I can't warrant that :wink:

Himalaya- I also like this scent, and I'd classify it more in the like of Paco Rabone XS. So I'd see if you can find a sample of the XS, and if that type of scent (I call it more of an oriental scent) is your thing, the Himalaya would probably suit you. I like the Himalaya a little more than the XS, as it gives off more of a refined fragrance than the XS, and has a longer longevity on me. I really like this scent, and find that I have often used my decant of this as my day scent. However with that said, I do detect an unusual note only initially as it drys down nicely (and others on here might be able to help me with it), that is almost like a slightly Sweet tea smelling note, such as the extremely present tea note in Silver Mountain Water. Not to discredit the Himalaya, as I'm getting a bottle of it, but its just an unusual initial note that always throws me off.

Silver Mountain Water- This one is hit or miss for me. I'm not big on it, and I can't really explain why, its just different. It does remind me of mountain water so to speak, but I find it a bit more feminine than I like.

Green Irish Tweed- One of the staples of the Creed Line. This is somewhat similar to Coolwater, however the Green Irish Tweed has more complexity and more green to it. Coolwater is basically an attempted rip off of it. I like the Green Irish Tweed quite a bit. Beware Ebay fakes on this one especially.

Some other scents you may like
- Creed Original Vetiver- more citrusy to me than vetiver
- Creed M.I. - gold bottle creed
- Bond Great Jones

And if you're going to do decants, please do them off Basenotes, save yourself some money. And if you're considering Ebay, I have someone I have been using for Creeds, and so far have gotten 2 for 2 authentic bottles, so you can PM me for the name (I'd post it, but I don't know if he wants this much exposure).
Just some quick counterpoint on Creed. They are ridiculously overpriced, and most of the scents are extremely fleeting - not what I look for at all. They are well done scents, but you can get much better value elsewhere. Most of it is name-hype in my opinion.
I agree the Creed scents are ridiculously overpriced for what they are, however I do admit I like the original santal scent... Any better alternatives to that one you know of?
I got my bottle for under $88.00 with shipping. . . that's somewhat iffy pricewise, anymore than that I'd have to say no, any less than $70.00 its probably fake.

As for longevity, some scents go quickly, others stay a long time. I think that the Santal lasts around 6 hours on me, maybe a little more, a little less depending on other factors. I've found that a lot of the designer colognes last around that, but I think its based on Body Chemistry.

I find that Jaipur Homme lasts forever and a day on me, while GIT doesn't meet up to Jaipur's longevity. Aqua Di Gio was like a 2 hour thing for me. Dior pour Homme was like I could never get it off, even after a shower. LP no 9, wow that lasted till morning with an early evening application.

Thanks for the advice. I am going to order a few samples from basenotes some Creed, some other stuff, and when I figure out what I want I will shoot you a PM so I can get the name of your seller. Thanks.

Joel or whoever else can answer,

I read that you said Pecksniff's fougere was very similar to GIT. Do you think this scent is suitable for a 23 year old? I am interested because it is so much cheaper than the Creed it makes more sense. Also, I would be very interested if anyone could provide a review of Pecksniff's fougere. I wrote an email to the company requesting a sample but I have yet to hear back and I am not sure they provide them.

Reading on basenotes again (BAD IDEA, BAD!) I want to sniff the Vetiver colognes. I don't think I ever have.

Geurlain seems to be a popular one on BN.C

I know I like Floris Santal, so I'm sure their Vetiver would be a hit.

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