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L'Occitane Eau de Berger Aftershave

According to L'Occitane: "Fragrance of the Shepherds: Energizing splash of ginger, cardamom and paprika--blended with our purifying Cade essential oil complex--tones and protects skin, and helps to close pores. Fresh "wake up" aroma extends an immediate feeling of well-being. Its name recalls a Provençal legend."

I got a small trial bottle of this stuff at the L'Occitane outlet, and I am pretty impressed with it. The ingredient list is unique (paprika!?), and it does contain alcohol, so beware. However, this is a really nice product. Once you are past the initial alcohol sting, you get an incredible warming sensation of the skin, which is a welcome change from all the cooling products out there. It is not the heat of irritation or sensitivity (I know those all too well), but something brought on by the ingredients. It also smell nice, with juniper and the spices coming through.

This is also the ONLY alcohol-based after shave product that hasn't had me racing for the moisturizer afterward, so dry-skin folks take heed. With the CADE oil and other goodies, this stuff treats your skin nicely. If you are looking for something more unusual for your post-shave routine, look no further than the Eau de Berger.
Whoa....I had to quickly re-read the title. I thought it said Eau e Badger aftershave. That's a horse of a different color....after all, who'd want to smell like a badger?
Greetings Scotto et al,
I reserve this great aftershave splash for use after my L'Occitane Shaving Soap. It is very pleasant and is a good skin toner as you've noted. I like the fresh fragrance of the CADE EO complex. This particular aftershave does not shock you with alcohol afterburn like many others too. Good stuff.:thumbup:
I decided to bump this thread up again, since I have been enjoying this stuff so much lately. The sensation it gives your skin afterward is like no other product - a delicious warm feeling that is incredibly soothing. This is one of the top 3 alcohol-containing after shaves out there, IMO.
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