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L'Occitane Baux deodorant

I really enjoy the L'Occitane Cade aftershave balm and am disappointed that its not available as a deodorant. Baux was suggested instead. Does anyone know how the scents compare?
I’ve been using L’Occtaine Eau de Baux Cologne and deodorant for a couple of years now. It’s the perfect "go to" scent for everyda, or when you can’t decide. Soft cedar cypress that is not floral or obtrusive. the deodorant stick seems to last forever. You can’t go wrong with this choice.
I've found that with the Baux deodorant I feel like I smell bad at the end of the day. I have used the Cedrat also and feel like I smell like I just put it on at the end of the day. Worth a shot, but don't give up on L'Occitane entirely if it doesn't work for you.
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