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Picked up some stuff at Walgreens: Clubman original, Skin Bracer, Barbasol, Edge 2 in 1 shave cream, and Walgreens DE razor blades (made in Israel).
Shaved with the Edge 2 in 1 last night. Directions said to use a nickel sized amount. I felt like I needed 3x that much. 1st pass was so, so, the following 2 passes were good. Face felt very hydrated afterward. Followed up with the Skin Bracer.
Gonna pick up some Thayers witch hazel at Wally World or Target. I was hoping to get some Williams shave soap. Can't find the stuff anywhere. Must be you can only get it online now.
We have a big box store, Winco, that sells Williams. At one time, Wal-Mart carried it but they seem to have dropped it here. The Target and Wal-Marts out here do not carry Thayer. However, most health food stores carry it.
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