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Little white lies and the war department

She doesn't really care that much, and I don't hide stuff. Once in a while she'll ask, "How many razors do you need?"

Other than that, it's all good. She likes me to be clean shaven, and she puts up with whatever it takes, pretty much. She knows that right now I'm in a den-diminishing mood, and she's happy with that.
I don't bother to lie to her about what I purchase. She knows that some things give me joy and as long as the bills are paid we allow each other indulgences. When I want something fairly expensive, I just save up a little at a time (and even then tell her what I'm saving up for and what it cost). If something comes up, then I will sacrifice my discretionary money and start all over.
The total money I’ve spent on everything is less than the price of one foot of speaker wire. And I don’t hide what I purchase or the price.


Aaron Scissorhands
I don't ask about the cost of her purchases and she does not ask about mine.
However I do occasional get.....the look.
+1 We both work hard at our jobs and around the house I don't care what she buys because she's earned it. On the other hand If invested in buying 1,500 Gillett Fatboy razors that might raise a red flag.
My minimalist approach allows total transparency which means I have no need for cover stories.
When the question came up about how many razors I really need, I answered: The same amount as the brushes and make-up you need my dear!

She loves a clean shaven face and I love that she takes care with her appearance, so no problem, as long as things don't get really ridiculous.
The razor room was a thing before her.
I have purchase prices and as much history as was possible to find out written down with every single item in it, so it would be a bit odd to say one price and write down another.
When my wife questioned on how many old razors do I need ($3-$15 ea.), I asked if I should go back to playing Chromatic Harmonicas ($200-$1000 ea.) She said that I do look handsome clean shaven and smelling nice:pipe:
My wife was understanding to an extent because I started collecting before marriage. However she has repeatedly said ‘No more!’ many times the past few years. She on the other hand has over a hundred pairs of shoes and too many purses. I used to collect watches and cars -so as much as I spent on razors, it pales in comparison to the former vices. When asked about big shaving related purchases that she noticed on the statements, I have replied that they were for car parts. Now that I have all the razors, soaps, and brushes I want, I am content enough to know ‘no more’. Heck even if I wanted more, I don’t have any more space besides the shed.
My wife doesnt ask and I dont usually tell. To be fair though, theres lots of things that she buys and I dont ask what she spent on them.