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little chip, advice?

Hello good folks,

After finishing my beater Dovo "best quality", I noticed the following chip near the toe:

I am not surprised, the poor razor had it rough. It was my first razor, I stropped it badly, didn't know about water in the pivot, it rusted there, the rust stuck to the scales, when I forced it the scale cracked at the pivot, since then I needs to be guided when closing otherwise it bumps-bumps into the scale. I guess that chip is from the bumps...

Anyway, I want to bring it to tip-top shape. New scales will be ordered, I am thinking mammoth ivory...

But that chip...
Simply reset the bevel on your 1k stone and then polish the bevel with normal progression of stones. Should take all of ten minutes .
The chip will hone out easily.
Mammoth Ivory sounds great to me. If this blade makes you happy, then go for it.
Thanks folks. I was joking about the ivory (for a 80$ razor).
I think whippeddog scales would do just fine plus they have the advantage of coming pre-drilled...
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