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Listen to this guy! Spot on! This country needs to come to its senses!

BWW was a weekly thing with my friends and I when I was younger. I always got the boneless wings. Until now it never occurred to me that they weren't really wings. I never gave it a thought at all.

I prefer the bone in now and will take the flats.
Flats as in the "middle" piece with 2 bones? Me too. Grab the end, stick wing in mouth up to fingers, (be careful not to bite finger), bite down somewhat gently, pull bones out. If cooked correctly, meat all in mouth, clean bones not in mouth, ready to grab another.
Chicken Wing and Slab Bacon Tacos, man. You can either use the taco as a plate/napkin and bone them as you eat them, or you can bone them first and just open up your mouth and feed it.

Made with Salsa Negra and some crumbled bleu cheese (or blue cheese if you can't get bleu).

...and I don't know about the rest of y'all, but up here in the Great White North "saucy" is a polite word for "adult behaviour." (Wow, a euphemism to explain a euphemism.)

No, we don't mean "acting like an adult."



I'm calling the U.N.
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The tip... well those get thrown away or frozen and shipped to countries that eat them. Unfortunately, some lazy chefs try to sneak the tip to you in the form of a whole, uncut wing. There's a special place in hell for those guys... especially those who do it for "presentation".


A while back while ordering I heard the waitress say they had bonus wings. I took the bait. Of course what she actually brought back were boneless wings. They were pretty meh in my opinion.


I'm calling the U.N.
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Where chicken wings come from:


Where "boneless chicken wings" come from:

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