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List your top products

Mine are:
1) Razor: Any reliable cost effective model
2) Blade: Any reliable cost effective brand
3) Brush: Any reliable cost effective brush
4) Soap: Any reliable cost effective soap that lubricates well
5) A/S: For now Old Spice Classic
Above the Tie M2 Kronos
Extro Cosmesi Pirata soap and splash
Mitchell's Wool Fat soap
Feather AS-D2
Razorock soaps are incredibly good

Penhaligons scents
Floris Elite is to die for. Both the edp and a/s.

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As it stands right now...

Fendrihan Tuxedo synthetic
Barrister and Mann Tuxedo synthetic
Yaqi Red Marbleized Tuxedo synthetic
West Coast Shaving Honeycomb Tuxedo synthetic

Timeless SS .68 w/scalloped head and base
RazoRock Mamba 70
Charcoal Goods SS LvL 2

Personna Israeli Red
Gillete 7 O'clock Super Platinum (black wrapper)
German Wilkinson Sword
Kai SS

Goodfellas' Smile Abysso
Barrister and Mann Bay Rum
TOBS Grapefruit
TOBS St. James
Zingari Mann The Wanderer
Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny
Captain's Choice Venture
Captain's Choice Nor'Easter

Aftershave Splashes/Balms:
Barrister and Mann Bay Rum
Barrister and Mann Seville
Bootlegger's Bay Rum
Bootlegger's Lime Bay Rum
Bootlegger's El Dorado
Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny
Lustray Spice
Captain's Choice Venture
Captain's Choice Nor'Easter
Ogallala Bay Rum Double Strength
Lucky Tiger Face Tonic

If I had to, I could whittle this down...but I don't really want to.
Gem 1912
Gillette New LC
Omega 10098
Zenith B25
L'Occitane Cade
Pre de Provence No.63
Pinaud Clubman Whiskey Woods
Thayers Medicated Witch Hazel
There's so many shave gear I enjoy and so many things yet to discover and try but here's a few things I love

Rockwell 6S
Razorock Game changer 0.84
Merkur 34C HD
Polsilver blades
AP shave faux marble 24mm brush
Aqua di parma shave cream
A&E Kaizen
Tobs jermyn street
Stirling Piacenza
Saponificio Varesino 70th anniversary
Barrister & mann seville
Baxter of california aftershave
Aqua di parma aftershave balm
Absolute favorites of each categorize that I use? Well, let's see.

Razor: Hmm, that's a toss up. Out of the ones I use on a regular basis, it's either the GC .84, or the Rockwell 6C at plate 4 or 5 depending on the blade. Honorable mention goes to the Merkur Progress.

Blade: Right now it is either the Nacet or the Dorco Prime. Seriously the Dorco blade works really well for me and is cheap as chips.

Brush: Fendrihan synthetic. Cheap, durable, and doesn't need to be soaked. That having been said I use all my brushes save for my cheapo Wilkinson Sword that I bought at the beginning. And I use that some times.

Soap: Tabac. Honorable mentions: Arko and Razorock Blue Fougere.

AS: Razorock products. Honerable mention: Current Old Spice. Haven't tried many AS.
Cella kilo
Southern Witchcrafts cedar
Stirling (except for Stirling Gentleman)
La Toja

Razor: Any of my Gillette Techs

Brush: Perfecto pure badger

Astra SS

Aftershave: custom scented ASB from a local shop
Simpson Duke 3 Best
Shavemac Octo 2-band Silvertip Bulb
Plisson HMW #12

SR - Heljestrand MK31 / Ralf Aust
DE - Timeless 0.68 OC Stainless
SE - Blackland Vector

Diamond Pasted Balsa Finisher

Tony Miller 3” Old No. 2 Horsehide & Linen

Saponificio Varesino
Nuavia Blue
Wholly Kaw Frougere Bouquet

Balms / Splash:
Thayer’s Witch Hazel Original
Nivea Sensitive

Salt & Pepper Matt Ceramic Rice Bowl
Well I’m a noooob but:

I am living my Merkur 34c with Astra SP blades. I would be willing to be stranded on a desert island with TOBS Eton College (though Stirling soap is growing on my list). I’ve really enjoyed Shaveology pre-shave oil. Perfect light citrus scent.
Razor: titanium Timeless .68 scalloped base plate and top plate

Brush: Muhle 21 mm synthetic silvertip fiber brush

Soap: PAA Black Label Doppelganger ck6 formula

Aftershave: PAA Black Label Doppelganger

Lather bowl: Timeless

I'm only about 8 months in so some of these could change in the future (although I don't think the razor will ever change) but these are my favorites so far.

I also don't think the brush will change. I tried a couple Shavemac synthetics and they aren't as good as the Muhle, imho. The Muhle has a little more firmness to it which I like whereas the Shavemacs are softer.

As for the soap and aftershave, both perform really well and the scents are great too. However, I fell down the soap and aftershave rabbit hole pretty deep so those two could change at some point. Even if they do though, the PAA products are top notch.


Razor: Charcoal Goods Copper Lvl 2 with maze handle
Soap: Zingari Man Sego Navigator
Blade: GSB
A/S: B&M Balm
Brush: West Coast Shaving Ferrari Synthetic

Subject to change without notice

Rockwell 6S
Razorock Game changer 0.84
Merkur 34C HD


Polsilver SI
Perma sharp
Gillette Nacet
Gillette King C blades


Razorock plisoft 24mm
Stirling two band 24mm Synthetic
AP shave 24mm faux marble


Saponificio Varesino
Aqua di parma shave cream
Stirling Piacenza
Barrister & mann seville
A&E Kaizen
Razorock xxx
Tobs jermyn street
Cella bio


Baxter of california balm
Tobs jermyn street balm
Barrister & mann seville balm
Nivea sensitive balm
I've used quite a few products over the last dozen years, although not nearly as many as others on this forum have, and I won't claim any special expertise or depth of knowledge. I'll just list a standout product in each category that gave me a "wow" experience and thus is one I don't want to be without.

  • Razor: Gillette Super Blue (the modern Tech)
    If I need a razor that I can shave with day in and day out, I reach for one of these. I may have used others which worked well, but you can pry my modern Tech out of my cold, dead hands. The best part is they are less than US$3.00 each!
  • Blades: Gillette Super Blue
    I've had great DE shaves from a lot of blades, but I was blown away by the Super Blues; smooth and effortless shaves every time. Honorable mention to Gillette Silver Blues and Nacets, which I also like. Any of the three are more than fine, really, and are reasonably cost-effective to boot.
  • Soap: L'Occitane Cade
    My favorite soap for scent and performance. Unfortunately the store near me closed, so if I want it, I'll have to order it online. I can use this soap every day and never tire of it. Honorable mention to the Palmolive Classic shave stick, which is my travel go-to.
  • Cream: Gillette Pure
    Readily available, inexpensive, and punches far above its weight in performance. Honorable mention to Palmolive classic cream, which I also love.
  • Brush: RazoRock BC Plissoft synthetic
    I've used other brushes, including a B&B Kent super badger that I used for years and a couple of boars, but thus brushes what I went to after animal hair brushes started irritating my face. I'll never use anything else if I can help it.
Razor - Timeless Ti .94 OC
Blade - Nacet
Brush - Omega 636 silvertip
Shave soap - Mike's Natural Soap Rose, Patchouli, and Cedarwood
Balm - Trumper's Skin Food

Not shaving related but relevent ..
Bath soap - Pre de Provence Milk Soap
I’m a poor shaver, I don’t have a huge Shave Den full of soaps and razors, so my top products are pretty much everything I have.

Preshave - Proraso White
Razor - Rockwell 6S
Blade - BIC Chromium Platinum
Soap - The Fat
Brush - Edwin Jagger Super Badger (I only have two brushes)
Balm - Nivea for Sensitive Skin

Bath Soap - Mitchell’s Wool Fat
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