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List your favourites of all the different types of razor/shaver

I thought this would be interesting as it would make people say their favourites out of types that they normally don't use.

For example I use safety razors mostly, but I would list these as my favourites so far:

Safety - Rockwell 2C
Cartridge - Gillette Mach 3
Electric - Philips PQ203

I would put the 6S but I've only tried the 2C so far so I'll put that. I do have a full-size Philips rotary electric shaver but I like the travel one as I never really use it for complete shaves.

How about you guys? :)


Here I am, 1st again.
DE razor: a TTO model
2 , 3, 4, or 5 All of them
4 Blade : I lost the one I paid money for: Dang it
1 Blade Schick: I like that one also
My favorites:
SE - GEM 1912 with GEM SS blades
DE - 1934 Gillette Aristocrat with Personna Blue blades
Shavette - Feather Artist Club SS with Artist Club Professional blades
Straight - Hart full wedge
Cartridge - have experience, can’t recommend any
Electric - no experience, can’t recommend any
Soap - Mike’s Natural Orange, Cedar & Black Pepper
After Shave - Ogallala Bay Rum
Brush (full load - multi passes on full face) - Rudy Vey Custom
Brush (light load - shave neck only with beard) - Simpson Wee Scot
Straight- My T.I. Le Grelot 6/8 (is life)
DE- Gillette Techs / Various Gillette open combs
SE- Gem 1912
Cartridge- Gillette Sensor
Shavette- Too terrified to try!
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