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Highlight * your favorites.

Derby Premium
Derby Usta
* Wilkinson Sword (German)
* Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum
* Gillette Nacet
* Gillette Rubie
* Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Platinum
* Personna Israeli Red
Gillette Perma-Sharp
* Sharp Titanium
Sharp Hi Chromium
Sharp Hi Platinum
Lord Stainless
* Lord Silver Star
* Shark Platinum
Shark Super Stainless
Shark Super Chrome
* Timor Stainless
Personna Viking's Sword
Astra Stainless
King C. Gillette
Kai Stainless
Personna Med Prep
Personna Stainless
* Gillette Wilkinson Sword
* Bic Astor
Super Max Blue Diamond Titanium
Wizamet Super Iridium

I typically only have one vendor at a time, but I picked the GSBs before I ran out of Nacets, and was just given a tuck of Feathers yesterday. Most times I only have Nacets.
Feathers, Kais, Derby Extras, Personna Labs, Astra SPs, German Wilkinsons, Nacets, Gillette Platinums, Silver Blues, PolSilver SI, Perma-Sharps, Voskhod, Bic Chrome, misc. others in minimal quantities.

I have the most quantity of Feathers, Bic Chrome, Astra SP, and Personna Labs with 200 +/- of each. So I'd guess those were my favorites but all my blades work well. Sometimes the larger quantities were taking advantage of a great price. With Feathers, I have 300. I suppose they and my AS-D2 would be my desert island blades and razor (if I could make coconut soap of some kind).
mostly gillette..in total 3800 ish
platinum,blue tuck -new swedes
7 oclock yellow,green,black,green permasharp
platinum white/silver tuck

7 oclock blue
wilkinson sword edge
sharp star

others..polsilver,permasharp super,astra blue/green,feather,kai,voskhod,derby premium,suneko yellow and some stragglers..
Ok, that's quite a long list but here it goes:

* Gilette 365
* Personna platinum
* Personna platinum ( Israel)
* Super max-blue diamond titanium
* Personna lab blue - USA
* Personna Med.prep - USA
* Gillette - 7 O'Clock - super platinum
* Super max-blue diam platinum
* Supermax-diamond edge
* Lazer - ultra
Zorrik platinum
Laser super platinum
Tiger platinum
Silver star
Super max-super stainless
Shark super stainless
Racer (lord) super stainless
Bolzano superinox
Bic Astor stainless
Bic-Grekland chrome platinum
Dorco ST300
winner platinum
Wilkinson Sword (india)
Dorco Titan
Treet classic
Treet durasharp
Trig silver edge
Muster shaver platinum
Treet 7-days
Shark super chrome
Super max- Platinum
Rainbow (lord)
Lord Platinum
Lord cool
Topaz platinum
Tiger superior
Gilette winner ss
Dorco Prime
Astra Superior Stainless
Dorco stainless
Treet carbon steel
Treet falcon
Gillette Permasharp 7 O'Clock stainless
Astra sp
Wilkinson Sword (Germany)
Sharp titanium
Rapira platinum lux
Gilette rubie
Sharp - 7am super platinum
Treet platinum
Derby Premium
Bluebird Platinum
Gilette silver blue
Gilette sharpedge
Ming-shi mp-036
Bluebeards revenge
Right now I have 4 or more of these:

Astra Superior Platinum
Astra Superior Stainless
Derby Extra
Derby Premium
Dorco ST300
Gillette 7 O'Clock SharpEdge
Gillette Nacet
Gillette Platinum
Gillette Rubie
Gillette Winner
Lord Super Stainless
Personna Platinum
RK Stainless
Shark Super Chrome
Shark Super Stainless
Tatra Platinum
Tiger Platinum
Wilkinson Sword

If I have 3 or fewer I did not list them.

I'm not sure if any are my favorites yet since I'm such a newbie.
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Astra Superior Platinum
Astra Stainless
Dorco St-301
Gillette King C. Gillette
Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Platinum (light blue)
Gillette Platinum (dark blue)
Gillette Platinum Plus (vintage)
Gillette Stainless (Red)
Gillette Minora Platinum
*Gillette Minora Stainless (gold)
Gillette 365
Gillette Goal Stainless (India)
*Gillette Nacet Stainless
*Gillette Perma-Sharp Stainless (brown)
Gillette Rubie
Gillette Wilkinson Sword (China)
*Polsilver Super Iridium
Polsilver Stainless (vintage)
Polsilver Super Iridium/Extra Stainless (fakes)
Bic Astor Stainless (red)
*Bic Chrome Platinum (yellow)
Shark Super Chrome
Wilkinson Sword
Ming Shi
Derby Extra (green)
Derby Platinum
Personna Platinum (Germany)
*Personna Lab Blue
Max Super Stainless
Max Super Blade
*Bolzano (Germany)
Treet Falcon

Most of these blades (3/4 of them) are in very small numbers ranging from 1 blade to a box of 5 blades and I haven't even used 1/4 of them yet. I also have a couple of other vintage blades in very small numbers, but since they are mostly carbon blades, I see no point of mentioning them.


I shaved a fortune
I just counted mine up...I have 1007 DE blades, 8 different models. All of mine have been included in the above lists. I don't know enough to have a favorite at this point.
I have over 7000 blades, and these are the ones I think I own. I might have missed a few…



Personna Red

Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless

Dorco Prime


Gillette Silver Blue


Gillette Sputnik

Gillette Goal

Gillette Perma-Sharp

Lord Cool

Lord Racer

Lord Silver Star

Lord Rainbow

Gillette Astra



Wilkinson Sword India



Derby Premium

Derby Extra


Lord Big Ben

Gillette Minora Stainless

Personna Crystal

Lord Platinum Class

Personna Med Prep

Lord Asco

Lord Crown Super Stainless

Treet Super Stainless

Parker SS

Lord Shark SS


Gillette Platinum

Polsilver NOS Poland

Dorco Titan

Personna Lab Blues

Treet Falcon
Too many for me to catalog! For example Timor yesterday and Eddison today, and many others that are fun to try.

For what is worth, my ‘top-tier‘ in no particular order:
Personna red (Israeli)
Personna lab (or med prep)
Astra SP
Wizamet SI (or Polsilver)
Astra SP
Astra SS
Bic Chrome Platinum
Gillette Silver Blue
Gillette Platinum
Gillette Rubie
Derby Extra
Shark SS (half blades)
Parker (half blades)
Derby Premium (half blades)

Off the top of my head, probably forgetting some. About 1700 total, a lifetime supply for me.

About 700-800 are Astra SP, so that is my go-to blade. It never surprises or disappoints.
*Astra SP
*Wizamet SI
*Bic CP
*Rapira Platinum Lux
Gillette Silver Blue
Perma Sharp
Wilkinson Sword (Germany)
Personna Lab Blue
Derby Extra
Dorco ST300
I have over 2000, which I considered to be a preposterous number, but reading through this thread I'm feeling a little better about myself.

These blades I bought 100 packs for
- Astra SP
- Perma Sharp
- Gillette Nacet
- Gillette Winner Stainless & Platinum
- Lancet Super Platinum
- Lord Classic SS (Shavette blades)
- Voskhod
- Supermax Blue Diamond Platinum
- Dorco Prime & Titan
- Treet Classic

Have a lot of stragglers as well.
Ok, I'll play - I get around 15-20 shaves per blade so I'm set for a while.

GEM SS PTFE- maybe 90
Schick Injector blades - 30

Those are the only blades I have as of now, haven't used any of my DE razors in quite some time.
$ blades -b                    
862 blades in 102 tucks.

$ blades -m
• Astra Superior Platinum
• BIC Chrome Platinum
• Derby Premium
• Dorco Prime Platinum
• Feather Platinum
• Gillette Nacet
• Gillette Platinum
• Gillette Silver Blue
• Kai
• Perma-sharp
• Personna Lab Blue
• Personna Red
• Polsilver Iridium
• Polsilver Stainless
• Rapira Platinum Lux
• Rapira Supersteel
• Shark Super Chrome
• Timor Stainless Steel
• Voskhod
• Wizamet Super Iridium

$ blades -g 10
05. Feather Platinum - 17
09. Kai - 44
10. Perma-sharp - 21
11. Personna Lab Blue - 87
12. Personna Red - 46
14. Polsilver Stainless - 245
15. Rapira Platinum Lux - 11
16. Rapira Supersteel - 22
20. Wizamet Super Iridium - 331
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All of them :001_tt2:

Honestly - I have hundreds. No way I could list them all.

But some favorites - Vintage Wilkinson Sword, Gillette 7’oc, Gillette Rubie, Treet, Bluebird,
And many more here:

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