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List of Razor Steel Quality Vs Scales-Stickyable Thread Perhaps? :)

Greetings veteran shavers, gents and any ladies (I will not ask if you have a mustache, fear not! 😂)

As a more or less complete beginner at this (knowledge-wise, I can kind of shave by this point thankfully) I was thinking a compendium of blade brand vs scales found on them would be extremely helpful for ID purposes.



Wade and Butcher

Can have scales from tortoiseshell or even plastic (I was surprised when I found a good Sheffield blade with plastic attached-not sure if a rescale!).


Fanciest scale will be usually horn perhaps



Scales will never exceed plastic, perhaps

Thanks all, and have a jolly weekend and pleasant shaves! 😁
I’m not sure i’ve seen those above scale correlations, those seem to be chronology related in my limited experience and generally luxe or semi-custom.

normally i’ve seen the 3rd pin as the differentiation of “quality”

and if you look at old catalogues adverts, the scales seem to be available as you want them iirc. Just had to order the one you wanted.

i also dont see Spanish blades like filis or japanese manufs in natural materials oem that often.
Plastic scales are not cheap. Properly molded like Filarmonica, they are very stable. Kirinite scales are plastic, expensive and fantastic.
Its also typically pretty easy to see a rescaled vintage, some restorers do a great job, it usually the restore has enough of a pin difference to notice or something completely obvious.
Ivory is on a lot of English and Swedish razors.
I like ivory. I'm mostly familiar with ivory being on top quality razors.

Bone scales are on lots of razors too.
Bone is like one step below ivory.

About the only the only scale material that I don't like, is celluloid,
but celluloid was one of the more expensive options when celluloid was a new thing.
With respect to the original question as to steel quality vs. scales, there is no standard for that. I have a Swedish CVH No. 31 in beautiful pre-ban ivory. I also have a CVH No. 24 that came in with warped plastic scales. Both blades are very good, but the scales for this Swedish manufacturer appear to have varied greatly. The No. 24 did not have great scales, but the price was very low. Upon receipt, I sent it out for bone scales. So you need to judge each razor on its own merit and decide if it is worth buying.
I've read the first post 5 times over the last 3 days and I still don't get it.

i think the intent was a comparison analogous to, let’s say, the auto industry brands, models and their options.

some brands are more luxe than others, some models are more luxe in a lineup, and some options change performance and/ some change the look.
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