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L'Instant de Guerlain vs L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme


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I've worn these before, but this week I wore L'Instant de Guerlain (EdT) one day, and L'Instant de Guerlain Extreme (EdP) the next day. Mrs. Jakespoppy commented that she wasn't sure she liked LIDG the first day, as it seemed a little too "pungent", but the next day she said she liked LIDGE. I don't think she realized they are "related".

As I compared the two, I realized my previous assessment may have been off a bit. I have considered LIDGE to be just a stronger version of LIDG, with more dry cocoa in the blend. But now I think LIDG has a bit more patchouli presence than LIDGE, which does make it more "earthy", or pungent. Both showed comparable sillage and longevity, although the LIDGE may have lasted a bit longer. I'd need to wear them side by side, or keep very good notes, to be sure.

I was just surprised at (1) how noticeable the differences are between the two, and (2) LIDG seemed just as "strong", if not slightly more so, than LIDGE.

Hmm, very interestesting observations! I think I have a sample of extreme hiding somewhere. If I find it, I'll join you in a side-by-side!
I blind bought LIDGE based on reviews and recommendations online. Took me several wearings to "get" it but now love it. I've never smelled LIDG - need to seek it out. I'd always just kind of dismissed it as a weaker sister to LIDGE
The two are definitely different to me. LIDG is woodsy and earthy with just a hint of cocoa. LIDGE is mostly cocoa with just a hint of wood. To me they have similar silage and longevity. I prefer LIDG.
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Not particularly fond of the cocoa. Think I would like L'instance much more without it, but perhaps the absence of cocoa would turn it into a completely different animal from what I think it would be. At any rate, close but no buy on either.
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