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Ling Zhi Pipe, question.

So I got a cheap-e Ling Zhi pipe, it has a stinger thingy in it, can that be taken out and thrown away? And also received some Prince Albert Cherry Vanilla, Btw this all came from my sister for my Bday. All answers, opinions and comment are all appreciated.

Commander Quan

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If it looks like this then it should pull right out. I always keep mine, you never know if you'll want it again.
Yup, for getting started I recommend taking the stinger out, gentle force, maybe a bit of wiggling - and it should pull right out. Saving it is a good idea though. You can revist it later once you've "learned" pipe smoking a bit. But they tend to clog and gurgle if your just starting out and don't smoke slowly enough. Plus for resale value, the original stinger is always good to have lying around.
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