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Limited edition preview

We have two very different lather bowls on the way. We do have the listing in our store now but they will not be in stock for another two weeks or so. In the meantime we do have some pottery with what will be the same look if you click on the pictures beneath the listing. Check them out here: All Products — Captain's Choice
Here is a quick look. These will go on our site Wednesday. The green two tone ones are one of the two limited edition bowls. My goodness, I think The Captain needs to grab one of these...

Those are nice. I definitely need to save up and get something like that. I love the limited #1 and the seafoam
I absolutely love both of them. I do like the blue one just ever so slightly more. Wish I could afford to buy one. Is the blue one something you normally carry? You actually have a soap I'm gonna have to buy once I have money.