Lime has joined us this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Stone Cottage Shaving' started by MilfordNJGuy, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. MilfordNJGuy

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    For those of you who posted about seeking Lime scented shaving cream, Stone Cottage Shaving now offers you Lime Premium Shaving Cream in the sample packs!

    Sample Pack

    Give it a try with the 7 other new options here at Stone Cottage Shaving!
  2. Awesome!! Green colored?:001_smile
  3. meliahog

    meliahog Contributor

    You are on a roll!
  4. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    No, I try to keep things as "natural" as possible and have stayed away from colorants in a product like this. Another factor that is involved is that there is a great deal of research involved with each ingredients and their functions and these things need to be tested out over time. Also, fragrances can change the color of a product like this as can be seen in the "Spiced Bay" and "Coconut Holiday" so that is another reason to "keep it simple" and make it as "natural" as possible!
  5. Well - the natural works. (Even if I think a nuclear bright green shaving soap called "Jersey Juice" would be fun.)
  6. MilfordNJGuy

    MilfordNJGuy Vendor

    So, Snurgie, what would be in "Jersey Juice" fragrance?
  7. How'd the op go? Feeling better? As for "Jersey Juice" no idea - you are the pro in the scent dept! Speaking of which, I got to get through the last sample pack and try another set out. The "Forbidden Waffle" (that fancy French one) is quite popular in my office. (Yes - I walk around making people sniff soaps, creams, samples.)

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