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Lime Essential Oil Advice

Evening gents,

So today I decided I wanted to try adding Lime Essential Oil to my AOS unscented soap. I lathered up and put one drop in but I found it to smell weakly of Lime, and bitter. So I added three more drops, which exacerbated the bitterness.

I was wondering if anyone knew of another oil I could add to the Lime EO to make it smell a bit sweeter?

I'd be careful with this if I were you.

There are several different varieties of Lime EO out there. Add to that the fact that lime oil (and most citrus oils) when applied to the skin increase skin's photosensitivity. As well, the purity of the EO is an issue; there is no standard. The soapmakers we know & trust put the same degree of faith & trust in their suppliers. Or to put it more simply, they know who sells the quality goods.

There are versions of oils out there that have the photosensitive element removed. However, this also affects the scent. The trick is to find an oil of high enough quality where the removal of that photosensitive element doesn't affect the scent in a negative way.

Hope this helped!
In fact Lime Essential Olis do smell bitter and sour.
These oils are mainly obtained by solving the oils out of the lemons skin.
Pic up a lemon, cut it open and smell it.
You will see it smells very bitter.

And Evbo is right,
lime EO in high concentrations can have negative effects on your skin.
You should use 2-3 drops, 5 at max for your hole cream,
not in the bowl you are using for one shave only!

I have an unscented ASB that I pimped up with Lime EO (citrus aurantiifolia)
that I picked up at a pharmacy for 3 bucks
and 5 drops per 100ml was way enough.
Now this stuff smells like "real" lemons
(AOS lime smells quite similar btw.)

Not like Castle Forbes or any of the T´s wich either have special eos
or mixed them up to make them more sweet smelling
but the pure natural dry lemon scent
I'm looking to get some Clove Bud oil to add to my soap on occasion. My plan is to dilute it in glycerin. What should I be concerned with/watch out for etc? How dilute should it be/how much to add for 1 bowl of lather?
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