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Lime and Bay Rum Shave Soap Suggestions?

Bay Rum Soap - Mike's Naturals, Captain's Choice, Mystic Waters, PAA (Atomic Age), Barrister and Mann.

Bay Rum aftershave - Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum, Captains Choice Cat o Nine Tails

Lime Soap - Mike's Naturals, Captains Choice


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Your post seems to me to be a request for suggestions for a Lime soap and a Bay Rum soap.

For a slick Lime soap I would consider:
Taylor of Old Bond Street Lime Zest - Not a candied lime scent, but more of a natural lime mixed with a slightly woody undertone. TOBS has always met my slickness and protection criteria which has recently gone up.
Mike's Natural Soaps Lime - Although I don't have this particular Mike's soap, it's been getting good reviews from B&B members. I have other Mike's soaps and I can say that Mike's Natural soaps have excellent slickness and provide good protection during the shave...in my opinion, definitely above average slickness and protection for this soap.

As far as a Bay Rum soap/cream...oh boy...I have so many.

Mike's Natural Soaps Bay Rum - Might as well parrot the above for their Bay Rum.
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Atomic Age Bay Rum CK-6 Formula - Dynamite scent, extra slickness! They have several takes on Bay Rum and if I'm not mistaken all come in their CK-6 Formula...which is slicker than their regular CK formula which isn't bad either quite honestly.
Chiseled Face Groomatorium Bay Rum - Mentioned above by several members. It has tallow and other slickening agents. And as mentioned above, great take on Bay Rum
Wet Shaving Products Bay Rum Formula T - Tallow and shea butter make this Bay Rum with a lime kick...very slick.
Zingari Man The Nomad - Also mentioned above, Zingari Man soaps are good in the slickness and protection department. Their Bay Rum and Mystic Waters Bay Rum have a very similar scent.
Mystic Waters Bay Rum - Tallow with other slickening agents put this soap into the above average slickness category. Nice scent...see Zingari Man The Nomad above...very similar scent.
Captain's Choice Bay Rum - Also mentioned above...I always seem to have a good experience with Captain's Choice soaps and creams. In their Bay Rum scent, I have both the soap and the cream and both provide above average slickness for me. An extremely true, no-nonsense Bay Rum scent.
The Sudsy Soapery Bay & Citrus - Tallow and triple butter shave soap...slip sliding away in Bay Rum!
Phoenix and Beau Imperial Rum - Tallow with additional slickeners make this Bay Rum, Spice and Lime soap a good bet for protection and glide.
Barrister and Mann Bay Rum - One of my favorite Bay Rums...a thirsty soap, but definitely above average slickness and glide.

Comrades...my apologies...a quick correction.
The Sudsy Soapery Bay Rum is a Non-Tallow soap.
My 3 favorite Limes;
For a "pure lime" great performing soap (slickness, protection and skin softening): Castle Forbes (it is worth the price)
For a lime with spice (and my all time favorite fragrance) and good performance: Spearhead Shaving Seaforth Spiced Lime
For a "refreshing forward note lime" with orange and lavender undertones and good performance: TOBS Lime Zest
I can’t speak to the soaps but this has become my favorite Bay Rum aftershave. It is not at all “clovey”. It has a simple recipe of water, cane alcohol, and Bay oil.

The fragrance is not as long lasting as Clubman VIBR or some others, it is just simply bay rum.
I suggest Ogallala’s Bay rum, lime, and peppercorn. That was one of my first purchases when I started DE shaving.

Surely can’t go wrong with Captain’s Choice Bay Rum. Their Lime is also great. Cat o’ 9 tails if you want the extra bite for AS.

My barber just showed me Seppo’s Auto Bay Rum, to me it is a lot like Clubman VIBR.

Which then brings me to Clubman VIBR. Something I love about it that’s different than the other bay rums. Wish it lasted longer.
For the Bay Rum I'd suggest Phoenix and Beau Imperial Rum. Not a traditional Bay Rum scent and has a nice spicy kick to it.

I would suggest these two from Taconic. The tequila/lime is about as authentic as it gets with a tartness to it that is unmatched. Performance is pretty darn good too.


The Bay Rum is actually quite good as well in the scent department.


Both fly way under the radar and one would be making a mistake in at least not trying a sample of these offerings. They both punch way above their weight and I'd put them up against many soaps out there. They hold their own....
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