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Lilac Perfume for women???

Go The Perfumed Court site. Click on fragrances by note. Once there, select floral, and then lilac. Take notes. Next go to Basenotes site, and do a search in the fragrance directory on the names you copied from the Perfumed Court. And then you are there!! Have fun!
Better yet, go to the post that Nid Hog put in the "cologne with some anise and a touch of vanilla", and follow his instructions with Basenotes. Tried it last night and it worked well after I listed in fragrance note separately, line by line. Would have done it for your question, but I personally am not smart enough to do whatever it is one does to save the results and make them pop up here.
Here's how to save your search--
Just go to the top of your webpage where the url that you're currently visiting appears. Highlight the whole thing and copy it, using the copy function that is under "Edit' on your browser's menu bar. Then just paste that into your message. It'll automatically be converted into a link when you submit your post.
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This is an attempt!
Fragrance Directory
Showing 1 to 39 out of 39 fragrances found with the following criteria:
The fragrance is feminine
The fragrance notes include: lilac
You can refine your search, perform a new advanced search, or do a quick new search in the box below

Something didn't work! No picture!!! No link!!! I think I am following your instructions, but obviously not!
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