"Lieutenant" and "Major" Reporting for Duty!

Discussion in 'Colonel Conk Products' started by Colonel Conk, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Hello everyone! Colonel Conk is proud to finally be a part of this awesome community!

    We have just released (2) brand new 3-piece razors nicknamed "Lieutenant" and "Major".

    The "Lieutenant" is long handled and weighs 68 grams for a nimble and easy to control shave.

    The "Major" has a beefy extended handle and weighs in at an impressive 99 grams.

    Both of these come in a satin finish and offer quality you would expect in a razor costing significantly more!

    Because I am so excited to join this forum I thought it would be appropriate to introduce these brand new razors and offer them to Badger and Blade members at an incredible price.

    For a limited time and ONLY to Badger and Blade members, for $19.50 you will receive;

    -Your choice of either the Major or Lieutenant 3-Piece Razor
    -1 LARGE Soap-3.75oz (You Choose Bay Rum-Amber-Almond)
    -1 5-Pack of Blades (Assorted and Random)

    This offer will not be listed on our website. You will have to contact me directly if you would like to order.
  2. Thanks for the generous offer.! I am trying to decide which one I want to get.
  3. emwolf

    emwolf Contributor

    that's a steal. I'm thinking amber (I just shaved with your Bay Rum last Friday), but I'll have to check what I've got.
  4. What a fantastic way to get started with B&B.

    Do both razors share the same head?

  5. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Yes Sir, they do in fact share heads!
  6. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Anything I might be able to do to help with your decision?
  7. Just wondering what an estimated shipping cost to Canada would be?
  8. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    I'm unable to give you an exact cost right now, but I'm sure it won't be too bad. If you give me a postal code I can get you an exact cost tomorrow morning.
  9. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    Beat me to it!
  10. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    N5W4B3. Thanks!
  11. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    No problem! Hopefully the shipping cost to Canada won't be a problem. I'll see what I can do for you guys up North!
  12. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    Thanks, we need all the help we can get! lol
  13. T5Y0S5, Thank you
  14. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    The handles are pure machined (and then plated) brass while the heads are an alloy.
  15. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Thanks for the great offer, just wondering if you could do a postal quote to Australia? If so Cootamundra, New South Wales 2590. Best wishes.
  16. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    Canada would come to a total of $25.50
    Australia would come to a total of $30.75

    I worked it every way possible and that is the best rate I am able to get.

    Duty and Taxes not included.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
  17. Ouch...! That has to really hurt.! Is it just the postage or the VAT tax hurting them?
  18. Colonel Conk

    Colonel Conk Vendor

    That is just postage.
    Postage to Australia in particular is outrageous.
  19. Esox

    Esox Ambassador

    Thanks Mike. (There are a lot of Mikes on this forum lol)

    Thats around what I expected it to be.

    In Canada we dont pay a VAT, but for anything shipped here we pay a high price. Even shipping person to person inside Canada in very expensive.

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