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Levi's 501 Shrink-To-Fit Jeans

I want to get a pair or two of these but I'm not sure if I'll need to go up a few sizes or if they already run bigger to account for shrinkage. I do plan on cuffing an inch or two, I'm more worried about sizing the waist. There is shrinking/sizing info on the web, I was just hoping someone here wears or has worn these. Thanks, guys.
I have a pair of them, and my waist had very minimal shrinkage, but lost close to 2 inches in length.

I pretty much followed what the tag said on the jeans as far as sizing goes....I really need to hot soak them to see if the waist will shrink, because they are too large and almost unwearable...
Only jeans I have worn for 40 +years. Last I bought off Amazon a couple years ago, quality has suffered since they went overseas but none I have ever bought through the years had much if any shrinkage.
After some experimenting, the size that fit me the best, was my correct Levi size. I do not cuff them, so take that into consideration.
I'm not much help, I just told the girl at the Levi's store what size I took in per washed and she handed me a pair. Worked like a charm.
I can echo Dmoney's experience, but mine was different. I lost about 2 inches in the waist but next to nothing in the legs. Go figure.
I lost 2" in length and about an inch of waist, but I wear mine a long time between washings, so the waist stretches out after the first wearing and they wear pretty true to size because of that.
I got a pair a few months ago, 33x32. I did a hot soak and they shrunk down nice. I normally wear a 32x30. For my next pair I'll probably do a 32x32. These are just about perfect, but I wouldn't mind if they had shrunk a tiny but more. Great jeans!
It depends on the jeans, some will shrink over two soakings. If you wear them regularly (practically every day) they'll eventually loosen up. I wouldn't recommend going less than an inch larger than your current waist size if you'll go with a hot (boiling) water soak. Otherwise, part of the interesting aspect is getting the denim to conform to your body.
Whether it is a Levi's or not, it will definitely wear off. The question would be as to when. If it is being worn everyday, with the constant washing, use of detergent and ironing combined plus the actual wearing, then let us all expect some shrinking.
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