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    Have QCS Fougere and B&M Fougere Imperiale shaving soaps, both of which are said to smell like Brut. So yesterday I compulsively bought some Brut Classic splash-on (plastic bottle) at the commissary. Used it this morning, but was disappointed. Although somewhere I had read that the Brut Classic most resembled the "old Brut", I found this Classic very anemic. It started to hint at something really great, but then just disappeared. Most disappointing. Had looked (but not doggedly) for someone who had that version in the glass spray bottle but haven't seen it yet locally. Would like to test it, but suspect it is in a sealed box and bottle. Can anyone shed some light on a "Brut" that would follow up on the Classic's vague promise?
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    I faced the same issue, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy some pre-1975 Faberge Brut Lotion. Every time I use it I'm reminded of my dad from my childhood (he's now 81). The eBay prices can be hit or miss, but for me the greater expense was worth it.
  2. I agree that the "splash on" available in most drugstores is pretty weak... They do still make a plastic bottle labeled "cologne", which is harder to find but stronger and longer lasting. Not all drugstores carry it, though, and it can be hard to spot because it looks exactly like the splash on except for the printing on the bottle.

    I have seen a fancier-looking glass bottle online, but have never tried it.
  3. I like the fact that the Brut aftershave splash on isn't cologne strength. This way, I can wear the Brut Special Reserve Cologne Spray that sells at Walgreens. It still smells like Brut, only better. And goes well with the splash on.
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    No doubt the current versions of Brut are much milder than the pre-1975 version. In 1975, Brut 33 was introduced, which apparently was reduced by 1/3 or to 1/3 of the earlier version. I have pre-75, Brut 33 vintage and modern Special Reserve Cologne, in almost exponentially decreasing order of strength.

    A couple of weeks ago in the car going for lunch with my wife, she asked "Are you wearing that cologne the boys wore in high school?". It had been a couple of hours since I applied the pre-1975 Faberge Brut, which was called "Lotion". I don't use it often, and she hadn't smelled me wearing it before (as I usually leave in the morning before she wakes up). We're both 59. When I wear Brut, and she's around, it's always been one of the two weaker versions, except that one time. The pre-75 version is as strong as many of my EdTs. And it's what I remember about my dad's scent.

    I haven't tried the "Splash On" or "Classic", and don't plan to.
  5. You're referring to Brut Special Reserve in the green glass bottle with the medallion. It's a slightly different scent than Brut cologne in the top notes but has a very similar dry down and has a very nice longevity.

    From everything I've read, Brut 33 was introduced in 1968, and much of what's sold today around the world is based on the weaker Brut 33 version, except perhaps for Brut Special Reserve and a certain version of Brut Cologne (see below). You might want to look into Brut Dominant, which is an exceptional Brut scent and many feel resembles the much more expensive Christian Dior Fahrenheit for men.

    As someone who has probably done way too much research on the history of Brut in the last few weeks, let me shed some light on it here. First of all, the Brut Splash is the weakest formulation and is practically like water. I advise everyone to stay away from that at all costs. It shouldn't even be on the market. Many online sites have a picture of Brut cologne in the glass bottle with the medallion and a box next to it proclaiming "Brut Classic". Usually that's false advertising and what they really have is Brut Special Reserve.

    Brut was first marketed by Faberge in 1964 and sold the brand to Idelle Labs/Helen of Troy in the USA and Unilever in Europe. It's currently distributed by SDL for Unilever in Europe and there's quite a few different versions and all in beautiful glass bottles. Take a look at what's available here that we can't get in the USA: http://www.brut-for-men.com/#!models/cee5
    I would enjoy a sniff of that Brut Musk aftershave and EDT, as well as the Brut Parfum Prestige green glass bottle of Brut EDT. EDT's are usually stronger than colognes.I've tried ordering the aftershaves and EDT's from several sites in the UK but they can't ship them to the USA. Here's an idea of how reasonable the prices are: http://www.pakcosmetics.com/search/brut

    On Cyber Monday, Target.com here in the USA had an amazing sale on fragrances. It was buy 1, get 50% off another of equal or lesser value. On top of that were stackable discount codes of 25% and 10%, with another $5 off of a $50 purchase + free shipping. In summary, each cologne or EDT cost about half of what the normal price was. I bought a decent amount of products but should have purchased much more. One of the products I purchased was the monster sized 25.6 oz. green bottle of Brut Cologne with the medallion which is made by Helen of Troy/Idelle Labs in the USA. After applying it, I thought that is was pretty strong and wondered if it was the original Brut Classic by Faberge formula. This is a nice image of the beauty:

    Yesterday, I emailed Brutworld.com, which is the USA site for Brut and asked them whether the Brut Cologne in in the 25.6 oz. glass bottle is the same formula as the cologne in the 5 oz. plastic bottle, and whether the larger bottle & Brut Special Reserve are based on the original Brut formula or the weaker Brut 33 formula. Here's the replies I received. The 2nd paragraph is the 2nd reply after I followed up by asking why the glass bottles are not listed on the USA website:

    If this is true, and the large bottle is truly the original Faberge formula, I should have picked up more than one 25.6 oz. bottle of the Brut on steroids! It only cost me about $14 on Cyber Monday!
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  6. I bought a bottle of the Special Reserve a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd try it out while I was still in the parking lot inside my car. I gave myself 2 squirts. That was a mistake. I love Brut, and the special reserve is good stuff, but in that confined space I almost asphyxiated. I had to drive with my window down most of the day. It's powerful, and me and my car smelled like it all day.
  7. I got some to. Didn't use it in my car but still no mistaking that it's more concentrated!
  8. I have both the Special Reserve and the Brut Cologne in the 25.6 oz. glass bottle and the juice in the huge bottle is stronger. Now that can be because it's based on the original Faberge formula. I usually apply 3 or 4 sprays of the Special Reserve and I really like the frequent waves of the scent surrounding me but then again I'm not in the confined space of an auto when wearing it.

    I've also found that even stronger than both is Brut Black. I also highly recommend Brut Dominant.
  9. Jealous of that 25.6 oz. glass bottle!
  10. +1
  11. I love the smell of Brut but I actually don't even want to use it. I just get a kick out of looking at the size of the bottle when it's full. It's a real conversation piece. For the $14 I paid for it on Target.com, I should have bought 2 or more considering that Brutworld is saying it's a limited edition. It's been available for awhile. I wonder how often they go into production for it.
  12. I made the same query to the brut website, asking if they had a remake of the 1970s version. they sent me this:

    The orginal Faberge is the 25.6 oz bottle and it does not come in a smaller size.
    The original Faberge is not the Special Reserve or Brut Classic. All three are three different scents.
    Brut Feedback

    Also, I found the 25.6oz container on ebay for $24 shipped from fragrancenet.

    I received a bottle of brut for christmas when I was 10. The house smelled like disco for many months afterwards. Disco, here I come.
  13. There are videos and articles all over the internet bemoaning the fact that the original formula of Brut is no longer made. No one seems to know that the 25.6 oz. bottle is based on the original formula other than us! I'm not sure why Brut doesn't promote it or why Brutworld.com won't place the large glass bottle (or the Special Reserve glass bottle or Brut Dominant) on their website. They wrote in my email above that's the reason is because it's a limited edition, so why not give a limited edition some promotion?
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  14. Thanks for sharing your research!! I remember Brut from the 1960s. Thus, I was very disappointed with the Brut splash I purchased more recently. Looks like I am not alone!!
  15. Nope, same here, that's why I seek out the vintage!

    Brut wasn't considered cheap or bottom shelf at all in the 60's, was it?
  16. My recollection was that Brut was one of the more ‘premium’ options in the 60s.

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