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Let’s talk Tanifuji

Steve, if I took photos of both sides (which I should do soon) you'd see exactly what was done. It is clearly one of the biggest grinding or honing screwups imaginable. When you see it you'll see what I mean. You'll also be scratching your head because it's a true what were they thinking mistake, antithetical to measure twice, cut once.

It may be worn out, too, but I'll have to take more pictures to show what I'm talking about.

Happy shaves,

I have bought some blanks that turned out to be what I think was stamped blanks that were never finished, so they were never ground. When you hone them they end up looking similar.
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Where did you find those and how did you find them.
I bought it on eBay, there were three of them.

Here is the thread about them.

Well, it’s not Tanifuji but it is Japanese
image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
it’s the Y.S.S.2 steel. I picked it up just to mess around with and practice honing on super hard steel but I’ve shaved with it a couple times and I really like it. So it’s now in my rotation. I haven’t broken out the calipers but it looks like 13/16 with a chunky half hollow or maybe a lean 1/4. I’m never quite sure where the line is for such things.

I don’t recognize the kanji as Tanifuji or as anything else for that matter, but it’s branded as Kent. No clue who/what that is, but a perfect grind.
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