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Let's Talk Soft

What's the softest shirt you've ever worn? There are so many fabrics, natural and synthetic, including many blends. One of the softest shirts I've ever owned was made from bamboo and cotton. I also like some of the natural/synthetic fiber blends. For all-cotton shirts, long-staple cotton feels softer.


A little poofier than I prefer
Yes, bamboo and cotton are excellent. I usually prefer all-natural shirts, unless I know I'll be sweating a lot or otherwise getting wet. Linen wicks decently, but is kind of scratchy directly on the skin. Wet cotton sucks. But a dry all-cotton shirt is supremely comfortable. The softest? Gee, I don't know. I really enjoy a good flannel shirt in cold weather and seersucker in the heat.
An OLD OCBD, nothing "no iron." Just good old wrinkly cotton. Washed, tumble dried, NOT ironed. That is softness. Pair it with OLD Madras shorts treated the same way.