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Lets talk lathering technique

Do you guys Face lather? Bowl Lather? Some other method? I've been strictly face lathering - but curious to hear what method you all prefer and why you choose that method of lathering over another.
Once you get that warm lather on the third pass, you will wonder why you ever considered anything else. Even when using my shave sticks I face lather for the first pass, and then lather the remaining two passes from the brush in the scuttle.

Ohhhhh. Warm lather. Ahhhhhhhh.
The first time I face lathered was the last time that I used a bowl. I do use a makeshift brush scuttle to keep the lather warm.
Some soaps I prefer to face lather. I do have an frequently use a scuttle during colder months. Some soaps and creams I use seem to lather better in a bowl.
Interesting. Not sure why - but I assumed more guys would bowl lather. I also enjoy the scrub with a good synthetic brush. I feel like my lathers aren't quite wet enough - my lather seems to improve as I hit pass 2 and 3. Think I just need to use more water.
I face lather. During the winter, I use a scuttle to keep the brush warm. When looking out at the snow, or hearing the wind howling, then I just love to have warm lather!
Face lather 99% of the time (when I don’t it’s because I’m figuring out a teeny sample and bowl lathering).

I used to bowl lather when I started this journey, but once I got my first hard soap I began face lathering and haven’t looked back. It’s instant feedback on how your lather is building and where you need to get it for your preferences. Plus you get to enjoy the in-your-face scent of the soap longer!
I’ve recently gone back to using a bowl, not sure what I’ll do when the rotation hits the shave sticks.

I’ve also done a combination. Yesterday, I bowl lathered MWF, but put a pinhead amount of TOBS Lavender on each cheek. The tiny amount to TOBS was to improve the smell, not sure it did all that much to the lather.
needless to say, this i prefer.

Face lather. I like the scrub. Adjusting the lather consistency in utero :)

In utero makes me think of (shaving) Nirvana.. Face latherer here, too. Definitely seems more in vivo than in vitro :001_huh:... Instant feedback re: slickness and consistency, love the scrub (badger, boar or synthetic), and you can essentially skip the preshave by spending a few minutes building the lather on the surface you're looking forward to shave :001_smile..
Bowl latherer here. I have a nice earthenware bowl (from Etsy) which has a mildly ridged interior that makes really good lather with my badger brush. I heat the bowl in hot water while I shower, so the lather stays warmish for two+ passes.
Half and half.
No, I don't mean I face lather the right side and bowl lather the left side.
I mean I have months when I face lather with a stick, and give it 1 or 2 passes, looking for a quick socially acceptable shave. And I have months when I bowl lather, using pre shave oil, reapplying the lather 3 or 4 times, working it in with my fingertips, doing a 3 or 4 pass shave, finishing with witch-hazel aftershave and then cologne, and walk out with an amazing BBS shave.
Now I'm not saying you can't get a BBS shave with face lathering, but with a stick in my hand, my focus seems to shift to "git-er-done".
I only face lather. I like it because I get to enjoy the scent while building the lather, can tell when the lather is to my liking, and it hydrates and softens the stubble.
I build my lather in a bowl, paint the lather on my face then kind of face lather to further exfoliation and continue to build the lather to the consistency I want.
I do both depending on the product or how I'm feeling on the day, but I mostly face lather. When face lathering with my fav brush I can telling if a lather needs more water by splaying the brush and then pulling it away from my face. If it forms a suction then its too dry. I like this and generally the sensory experience of building the lather right on my face.
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