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Let's talk Gillette

When companies becomes industry giants their behaviours tend to change. However according to Peter Drucker a business had only two functions: marketing and innovation - both of which Gillette is or has been a master at. In my country Gillette rules supreme in brick and mortar stores as well as on TV ads. Wilkinson is a distant second.

I used to use a Sensor Excel when I started out wet shaving. Yes the carts were a bit expensive but in my recollection also had a bit of longevity to them. I was in the unknown to DE shaving. And the sensor for the job very well done with the near impossibility of cutting or nicking yourself (I can only remember the very first time I shave to have cut myself).

I moved on to electric shaving due to timing constraints and a bit of cost considerations involved.

Since December 21 back in the weet shaving game and this time DE. Gillette’s mind programming worked like a charm because I instinctively googled their brand first and lukt for me the KCG came up and was available at my local farmacy.

Since then I learned a lot about razors blades soaps brushes and am officially ordained into the BOSC. Not at all less costly than carts seeing what I spend on everything thus far 🤪😂. And yes the vintage Gillettes have an appeal to me. And so do the Fatips and other brands.

And their previous slogan in my mind is also hard to beat “the best a man can get”. Or I am just gullible - either way I think they are part of shaving past present and future.
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