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Let’s talk about hoarding


Some forums have a bunch of opinionated folks who will tell you there's only one right way to do things. But most pipe smokers aren't like that, and the group that hangs around here isn't like that. Those of us who have been travelling this path for a while offer advice only to give information and maybe save you from repeating some of our missteps along the way. But the path is wide and there's room for everyone to do it their own way. And we welcome everyone and all questions here.
Very well said and I couldn't agree more about this community!
That's why I have my pipe discussions here, and nowhere else.

I'd previously found pipe forums so obnoxious, that I actually steered clear of the Brown Leaf section for quite a while, because I didn't want to face more of the same, and have my opinion of B&B diminished.

When I did start kicking around here, I was pleased and relieved to find it's just as welcoming as the rest of the site, and despite my oddball ways and ideas, everyone's been really generous with their help and encouragement. :thumbup:

If they can all put up with my weirdness, you're in very safe hands here :lol:


With a great avatar comes great misidentification
Speaking of hoarding...I had to reorganize my cellar because I was running out of space. Previously I had everything in a 5 drawer dresser dedicated to the purpose but it is no longer sufficient. I moved some tins that are long term cellared in a box and left tobacco to access in the dresser. I never thought I would fill that thing up...I did it in 6 months. I should probably yank the reigns a bit!



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I have really been stocking up this past year or so. I counted them the other day and was around 60 tins with about 6 or 7 pallets of various sizes jars. Takes up 1/2 of a basement closet both floor and shelf space. I tend to take forever to finish even a sample with such a wide variety. Picking up some 1 oz samples of just about any blend that sounds interesting and since tastes change it's a good idea to get a little of everything that a ton of 1 or 2 blends IMO.

I have still been buying tobacco here and there but have been trying to slow down a bit and enjoy the blends I have already and get to know them better.

With all this anti- tobacco stuff going on in our so called "society" it doesn't hurt to have a good selection on hand. Either to smoke or use as trade when the zombies finally try to take over lol just joking with a dash of seriousness.


I tend to take forever to finish even a sample with such a wide variety. Picking up some 1 oz samples of just about any blend that sounds interesting and since tastes change it's a good idea to get a little of everything that a ton of 1 or 2 blends IMO.
I've done similar. I've exceeded my target from earlier in this thread, but it has been a wide cast net, catching single 50g tins of whatever I considered to be of interest. I do understand the appeal of stocking up on specific blends, but in this aspect of life, I think I prefer adventure over certainty.

A year ago, I would have definitely considered the humble amount I now own as hoarding, even though if I smoked three or four bowls a day, it would be gone in under a year. As I only smoke three or four bowls a week though, it should last nearer seven years. Looking at it now, it feels a little uncomfortable to have bought that much in a year, but having one tin of almost everything that was on my want to try list, does have a satisfaction attached to it. My favourites from that bunch may disappear from the market forever, with me having no reserves of them, but at least I will have had the chance to try it once, and try it aged.

All I secured in doing that, was tinned, and Virginia based. There are many English, aromatics, and pouched only tobaccos on the UK market, which I'd still like to try at some point. However, I now own as much as I can bear to. I know the regret of overshopping from nasal snuff, pocket knives and multitools, and other things in life. I don't want to repeat that with this.

I will however pick up other tobaccos along the way, as the cellar goes through its planned depletion. That will spread the stash further, or allow for periods when I gorge upon a blend or three. Yet as a smoker, and not a collector, the focus of my enjoyment will always be on consumption, not acquisition. Owning something that isn't consumed, is to me like owning something I needn't have bought. Collectors may feel differently.

On balance, I bought more than I initially planned to, but did so through decision not compulsion. It was planned, and considered. I don't consider it a hoard, just a job well done, and so long as my health issues let me reach my mid-50s, a chance to try all I wanted to.
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