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Let's see your flower shots!


Wow a lot of great pics since I last dropped by!!

Got a new lens today, Sigma 150-600 f5-6.3 C.

Really pleased with it after it's first outing, got some bird pics that I'll post in the other thread, only a couple of flowers today.

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Putting sunflower in The Sunflower State.
This field of flowers grows every year; took these shots a couple years ago.

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Nice to still have some flowers blooming in mid-November in Michigan.
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Witch Hazel in bloom.

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Wow those are some beautiful shots! Great work folks!


Just playing around with my new flash. Now I can shoot hand held, with extension tubes, at f22, in a dimly lit room, and still be at my base ISO! I think this thing is going to be a lot of fun. :001_smile
Here's a pic. of the humming bird. You have to look close...it's just to the left of the feeder and against the background of the trees. I have another location staked out where there is a lighter background that will show the bird better and will try that tomorrow. The wings on that little thing don't look like the blur you see with your naked eye though. But focus is off.

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I bet you'll get a pic of that if you catch him right. My problem is the bird is in focus but where the feeder sits means he is always a silhouette. I can't get any light on him as I'm never home at the right time of day. One day!
Humingbird Sillhouette.png


Here's a mistake that turned out kind of cool. I forgot to check my shutter speed before taking this shot, it was set to 4/5 of a second. The flash and image stabilization kept it mostly sharp, but the camera shake and the fact that I didn't realize I was hand holding at almost a second gave it a weird glow. After realizing what happened I tried to play around and do it again, but the accidental one was the best. The flowers are a little past there prime, but my wife gets them for free after the go so many days without selling.


Flowers just stared popping here in Indiana. These are the first I've seen, just noticed them a couple hours ago.
P1090040(r1rs).jpg Anyone else have anything coming up?
Nice to see, felt like a very extended winter. My wife tells me we have snowdrops up and blooming now, they usually show up in February but our planting was still covered in snow earlier in the week as well as getting a dusting on Wed.