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    IMG_5343.JPG My all time favorite. Carried this back from somewhere in northern Canada to Florida on my motorcycle around 20-25 years ago. I don't really know why but I love this mug. I like Tim Horton's coffee too...rather hard to come by in these parts though.
  2. Love the old school Tims mug. I spent a month in Montreal for work and really came to love my daily morning Tims. I flew up SWMBO for a long weekend and it was our first real trip as a couple, so that time spent in Canada holds a special place for both of us. I have a Tims mug that hasn't been used in a while - I'll have to dig it out. I still love the whole bean coffee, although it's disappeared from all grocery stores here in Chicago within the last year...
  3. Mick, I am super envious of the mugs on top, the Lavazza and Mauro ones. Where did you get them? I had a quick look on ebay and they are quite pricey with shipping.
  4. think i got this in texas

    DSCF0114 - Edited.jpg
  5. I've picked them up over the years.

    I try to buy them in pairs.

    I still look but SWMBO sez I have enough espresso cups :sad:
  6. Inspired to pull out my Timmies mug after seeing @Acmemfg 's mug.

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    My work mugs.
  8. My "Daily Driver" is an enamelled mug that I bought from a Chinese shop in Palmanova for the bank-breaking sum of €1
    It keeps my coffee hot and if I ever drop it, it's guaranteed to bounce !!
    By coincidence, if I ever get bored with it - it's the perfect diameter to hold a puck of Williams soap

    My other mug is about 35 years old and has a lot of sentimental value so I never use it because it's one of a kind, and can never be replaced.
    When I was a kid, my Grandad knew a potter in Exeter who made coffee mugs to order. He had a mug made for me and it used to be in daily use for years.
    It can comfortably hold about ½ pint, and being porous it keeps the coffee piping hot for a long time.
    The "patina" on the surface of the mug, and the "tideline" inside the mug have been there for as long as I can remember - I probably could get it spotless, but the way I see it, it would lose all it's character - besides, knowing my luck if I accidentally dropped it, it wouldn't bounce !!
    I know it isn't a priceless family heirloom as such - but because it's unique I treat it as one.
    20170328_082128.jpg 20170328_082139.jpg 20170328_082156.jpg 20170328_082211.jpg
  9. My new work mug... Stanley Master Series thermos.

  10. Here's mine.
  11. I ran a bar in Cambodia for ten years. The Warhol estate never called.[​IMG]

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  12. My favorite band
  13. IMG_0357.JPG My coffee mugs. The two tan ones are vintage Victor diner style mugs. I was able to pick up a set of five in like new condition. I happen to love how they feel. And the blue one is a hand thrown mug made by my wife's step sister in California. I love it almost as much as the Victor mugs.
  14. Less is more. I bought four of these coffee cups by Denby from a local charity shop for £10.00. I just liked that all the creative effort went into the shape. No colour, no facets of any kind but the balance is perfect. Denby have been making pottery for over 200 years and when I hold this cup in my hand I can tell why. 6183+VSW8US__SX463_.jpg
  15. Bark River Knives mug.

  16. Corrections in Blue. Correction Icon.png

    Coffee - 1.jpg "Good coffee should be black like the devil, hot like hell, and sweet like a kiss". Hungarian [Gospel of Coffee]
  17. This is my old standby. I’ve been using this for over 15 years. I used to have 5 or 6, this is the last one. It’s a perfect coffee mug. 7E461E6E-044C-4D1B-8648-7F9C5F1F7BB2.jpeg

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