Let's gather up the C.V Heljestrand "MK"

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    I'd give my left arm for a MK 134 in ivory...

    But then again... no :wacko:
  1. LOL - right! And thanks.

    Hey guys I have one of these - how does it compare?
  2. Darn I was about to size it up. :lol:
  3. :scared:.... :lol:
  4. Bumpin a old thread I guess but wanted to share the MK No7 in a with a French point

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  5. beautiful razor!
  6. Awesome! Nice thread bump. I have a mk10 and mk23 on their way to me as we speak actually!
  7. How would you cleanup the scales? Or are you just going to replace them?
  8. FlScott

    FlScott Contributor

    I tried to buy a C.V. Heljestrand MK No.31 5/8 Blade last week, but I hesitated too long, and it sold to some other lucky person.
  9. FlScott

    FlScott Contributor

    Beautiful razor. I really like the French Point.
  10. I think I was watching that same one, and thank you the French point is why I needed this 7 haha
  11. They’re not as bad as the pic makes them. But I have some ivory I’ve saved from a old German razor I think I’ll use
  12. Can’t wait to see pics
  13. Nice can’t deny a heji looks great with ivory scales.
  14. 4DA33333-1874-456E-9E5B-782CDA125D05.jpeg A 32 in tortoise.
    Pics don’t do scales justice.
  15. Wow that’s beautiful! I’m on a hunt for a 32/33 right now myself.
  16. Amazing!!! I’m hunting a 32 myself would love tortoise as well
  17. I prefer the look of the tortoise over ivory. Don’t get me wrong. I have lots of ivory and it’s pretty common but the tortoise seems a bit more rare and more interesting to look at.
    Just my take on it.
  18. Ice-Man

    Ice-Man Moderator Contributor

    Oh dear I need more lol to go with mine
  19. The elusive 8/8 MK12

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