Let's gather up the C.V Heljestrand "MK"

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    C.V Heljestrand MK-series. The crème de la crème of the Swedish straight razors.

    Most uf us, including myself, thinks of the MK-series as the 30-33 ones.
    A stiff full hollow, thumbnotch, jimps all around. 4/8-7/8
    And then there is the baby brother, the MK 29, a wee 3/8. But the same kind of edge & look.
    All of the MK#3x looks the same, hones the same & takes an (supreme) edge that is just the same on all models.
    Here a MK#32:

    But there is also other models of MK's
    That doesn't fit in this "Pattern"
    The MK#6 is probably the one that looks the most as the 3x, but it's steel is different. It has the hardest steel I've ever encountered & it can take an ridiculously sharp but still smooth edge.
    But you will have to work for it.
    And it's not just my specimen that's this hard, other members has also sworn that it must have been forged in deep in the fires of Mount Doom...

    Then there is the MK#24, a small wedgy blade.
    Also very hard, takes an incredible edge. Hard to hone properly, but once done it holds that edge forever..

    And there is also the MK#4x, a stainless series, made for the french market.

    And the MK#13x, probably made rather late in the 50s or 60s.
    the 134 is a big beast of a blade, the biggest I've seen. Very rare IMO.

    In this post http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showpost.php?p=3129060&postcount=18
    Joe reports of a MK#5, new one for me.

    So, feel free to post pics & any information you have about the Heljestrand MK-series, maybe it's possible to gather some coherent information from our joined efforts!
  1. Also seen an MK 10.

    The MK 5 was a shocker and I'm quite intrigued by it. Obviously the MK collectors were keen on it for the price it went for.

    I once was going to try and get all the MK's I could find at one point, but I'm quite content with my 31 and 32's.

    I've kind of switched gears though to try and only collect swedes scaled in ivory or real tortoise and that pretty much narrows it to the MK 3x series.

    There was another rare one a couple months back on eBay that I can't remember the number, but just remember never seeing it before. I think maybe it was a 23 or maybe one of the 4x's or something. It I didn't end up 2nd bidder I'm sure I'd remember :tongue_sm

    It would be nice to compile everything that shows the size of the blade, grind and original scale materials that we've seen them in. Obviously some of the sizes vary (MK 30 and 31 for instance I've seen some variations. My 2 MK32's are both 6/8's but I sold another MK 32 that was a 13/16 with a thicker spine and fatter tang. Should have taken some comparison shots of that to my 2 before selling).
  2. I myself have an MK31 (thanks Joe...I'm loving this one) and an MK32 thats on the restoration list.

    I did see an MK7 somewhere... If I recall correctly, it was a 5/8 somewhere between half and full hollow. The tang did not have a thumbnotch and had a french point.

    Like Joe, I was planning on getting the entire series but quickly realized how little money I have. In terms of Swedish razors, I'd be set with an MK6 and a Heljestrand Frameback in Horn or Plastic.
  3. Here's my baby's....

  4. Here are mine:

    A Mk 133 - over 7/8" wide.....



    .....and a Mk 134 - fully an inch wide.



    Forgive the crappy pics - they don't do these beauties justice. Both from NOS, with no restoration. They could use some buffing, but the minor spotting doesn't bother me, so I left them as they were.

    They are amazing shavers. I like them so much I got rid of a couple of Mk 31's and 32's. They weren't getting used.
  5. And the prize for the best MK's goes to... Yohann!

    Great razors, Major! Congrats! I'm envy!

    I myself have had some distinct MK's (an MK8 I think), but now I only have a MK31 in bone scales which I love.

    The Swedes really knew how to make some nice razors
  6. Ok Heres mine all in Ivory.

    No.13 13/16+


    MK No.32's 6/8


    BK No.42 11/16


    MK No.134 8/8+


    MK No.33 7/8+

  7. This is my #7. I believe it is the same very hard steel as the #6, but without the thumb notch design.

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  8. What size is that blade? MK5 is like 6 so I wonder if 7 starts another series since it has no thumb notch. Is that a 1/4 hollow?
  9. It is a 5/8 half hollow. I'm guessing they considered it the evolution of the 5 and 6, since it has the similar steel, but different design and more hollow (6 is quarter hollow?). It is still a pretty rigid feeling shaver (and great shave of course).
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  10. To add to the list, I have a BK41 in original ivory that I've yet to restore. Seen several BK42's, but never a 41. I think it is a 1/4 hollow or wedge, but would have to double check when I get home.
  11. A MK #32 has been on my want list for a very long time. Just waiting for the right one to come along....hint hint BST ? I guess these don't come up for sale very often for a good reason.
  12. The 5 and 6 both have double stabilizers but they are half hollow as well.
  13. I hate you guys.

    I'm in the 2012 Sabbatical and you're posting photos of these. Amazing razors all around. I will have one of those big ones. One of these days.
  14. Ah ok... I would like to obtain a 6 at some point.
  15. The 5 is the same razor but one size bigger just FYI.
  16. Fantastic.
  17. I believe mine is a #24. I picked it up in a lot with a couple other straights, restored the blade, and sent 'er out yesterday for scales and honing. Can't wait to try it.

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