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Let the Buyer be wary

Having had a nice vintage Lilac Vegetal bottle for some time to decant one of my favorite aftershaves into from the plastic bottle it comes in, I was intrigued when I saw a post by @JCinPA with a lovely old Pinaud bottle he uses.
I promptly searched and found two bottles I was interested in from different sellers, and bought them.

One of them arrived, and it's beautiful... but...
well, look at this beauty first!


Beautiful right?

Until you consider the fact that I didn't know that Pinaud ever made gargantuan mammoth sized bottles.

This thing is 13 inches tall and 4 1/2 inches in diameter. My estimation is that it holds about 3/4 gallon.
So looks like I'll be ordering a case of Clubman aftershave to fill it up.
I'll need a pulley system to pour from it though!



The Lather Maestro
I'm guessing my bottle in my shave pics is probably about 8 oz. Perfect for Clubman. I actually have a legit Lilac Vegetal bottle and I'm trying to get some glue to fasten down the label and maybe go over the label with decoupage glue.

I actually got it from Captain Pre Capsize of Captain's Choice fame! We met for lunch once or twice when I worked out of Chicago, and he found that bottle for me at some flea market somewhere.
The striped pattern of that bed sheet is fairly common I think. I have the exact same ones and know that each of those stripes is pretty much one centimeter wide. It looks like your new bottle is about 34 stripes tall so that would make it about 13 inches tall indeed. It is a great bottle though!
I remember bottles of that size from my youth! At the barbershop, each barber did not have their own product bottles. They all shared a common area and source for all the aftershaves, pomades and what not. The image of these bottles sticks with me because of all the different colors and design contrasts, along with the guys sitting and talking about everything and nothing. The shop also had the back wall covered in the cabinetry / cubbies for shave mugs!


Stumpy in cold weather
I'm on the lookout for a ginormous bottle for the Veg!
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