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FS L’Essor, RARE french DE razor !

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Here is for sell an amazing and RARE french DE razor : L’ESSOR

This is an asymetrical open comb razor (one side is more agressive than the other), french « savoir faire » and difficult to find.
Unfortunately I do not have the original box, but it still comes with a Leresche box. The razor itself is in great condition, only a few minor marke on top due to time.
What you see is what you get :)

For your information, the signature means « Chambre syndicale des couteliers de France »

Price for the razor is 139$ to US and 120$ to EU (shipping included from France with tracking number and insurance). :)

essor 1.jpg

essor 2.jpg

essor 3.jpg

essor 4.jpg

essor 5.jpg

essor 6.jpg

essor 7.jpg
If this razor is still sitting unsold in another week or so I may wind up buying it. I really don't need another razor but these french razors tend to be exceptional shavers.
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