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Lesson Learned

So today was an important day. My professor was doing her first observation of my student teaching.

That's what I was thinking about with my last Darby blade instead of I need to be sure i cover the mole above my lip.

Yep, I ended up slicing it pretty neatly. Neither my stiptic pencil not alum block could stop the bleeding. All it did was sting. Ice and pressure didn't help at all.

I had to resort to a bandaid. Fortunately, the face mask covered it.

So lesson learned. You can't let you mind wander even a little bit.

I was given the option up have it removed for free when i was still in the air force but I was being chicken squat and declined.

Now I'm waiting until i have really good insurance and can find a doctor who will write it up so insurance doesn't treat it as cosmetic surgery.

I guess that's two lessons learned. Don't let your mind wander when you have a razor in your hand and if you can have a procedure done for free bite the bullet and get it done.


I'm a Lumberjack.
Ouch. Sounds terrible. I’ve had some bad ones over the years too and the other killer is how much time is sucked into the black hole trying to stop the bleeding. The mask also came in handy covering up the bandage.
Doing it the first time was bad enough. Now you have to shave around it until it heals . . . not that that's anxiety-inducing or anything :eek2:

I confess to also being curious about how your appraisal went.
Amen. Just 2 days ago I sliced the side of my nostril pretty bad, all because of a split second of being distracted. Styptic pencil prevented me from having to spend the day with a ball of tissue taped to my face, but yeah, it can get real ugly real fast.

jup, been there done that, few to many times, so not wearing proudly the T-shirt
Ouch! How’d the class go? Professor give you a good grade?
'Twas the class that I picked, Creative Writing. So I rocked it. But the next one will be random. I won't even know I'm going to be observed that day until she does up. But she knows my schedule so I'm pretty sure it will be Remedial Freshman English.

And she doesn't grade it. Tomorrow, we'll have a sit-down with her where I'll get her feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

My grade will come 100% from the teacher who week do an evaluation. She thinks I'm doing great, now they I've become more forceful with students not completing their homework.
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