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Lesson learned

So I have been shaving with a straight for about a month now. In the beginning I did as much research and learning as i could before taking a blade to my face and for the first week and a half I shaved somewhat successful and avoided any cuts or knicks.

Then one day i was in a little more of a rush and was a little over confident. Well, I wound up with a slice under the corner of my mouth and also cut open a bump on my upper lip from an injury a few years ago

After a week of walking around with a red line on my face, I learned a valuable lesson in patience.

If you're reading this and are new at this, don't get over confident and rush. The razor WILL tell you to slow down, and it can be a painful lesson.
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I've always said, use a straight when you can devote the time to use them. For me its straights on the weekend if I have the time in the morning, the rest of the time during the workweek its safety razors all the way.

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