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Lesson learned: Never take someone you love to an Art of Shaving store.

Did this occur at the City Creek location or the Fashion Place location? I have never been in Fashion Place, but I have been to City Creek. I was at the mall anyways and I figured, what the heck, the creams are supposed to be good, just overpriced, so I should at least go give them a smell and see what I think. There was one other customer in the store, and the employee was kinda hanging around them, but not really talking to them much. I walked in the store, looked at the razors, felt a couple brushed, smelled all the creams... and left. The employee didn't say one word to me the entire time I was in there. Don't get me wrong, I hate a pushy sales person like the one you experienced, but going to a brick & mortar store I expect a good experience and a good sales person, that is what I am paying the premium price for, right? The exact same trip I had the completely opposite experience upstairs at L'Occitane. I went in and bought a Plisson, and the sales person was so friendly and helpful, without being pushy. That is why they got my money.
If I ever happen to find myself near one of these stores I will be sure to pay them a visit and have some fun!

However OP, I am really sorry to hear about your terrible experience there. Take heart in the fact that at least you are aware of a source of information that is MUCH more useful!
Personally, I would never go to AoS for anything. The problem I find with them is that they want to sell the idea of shaving as a luxury that can't be done without spending a lot of money on the equipment to do it. It was the same idea during the cigar boon of the late 90's...showing that you had some type of status because you were able to get a particular cigar.
Shaving is something that most men (and women) have to do everyday. It's a necessity....not a luxury, and a great shave can be had without anything that AoS sell, and a lot of other places too.
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