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Less Neck Irritation

I am finding that after a couple months into straight razors my neck seems less irritated. I have always had trouble with this and noticed some improvement with DE's, better prep and learning to go S-N WTG and only one pass. With straights, lately I am going ATG one pass with skin stretching- and my neck is in the best shape yet.

Anyone else experience this? Could it be blade angle?
When I started (2-3 months ago), I also had some neck irritation problem. Than I read about stretching to reduce it, and yes it did help.
What really made a difference is when I figured that my lather was too dry. Since the neck was the last part I was doing on every passes, it was often a little dried and the blade would not slide there. When I figured that I needed to dip the brush about 4 times in the sink during the face lathering process, neck irritation magically disappeared.

There is probably a important relation between lack of lubrication and excessive pressure. One causing the other.
i noticed immediately as well. i have no real explanation other than my thought that it has to do with the sharpness of the edge and perhaps edge length (which ties into stretching in pressure distribution) but that is all mere speculation.
The whole reason I got into straight razors and wet shaving in the first place was after going to a barber and getting my first straight shave I had no irritation on my neck for the first time in my life. Before that I would only shave once a month or so. Having no idea of proper shaving I would just butcher my neck and face with disposables and canned goo.
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