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Left SR shaving for 6 weeks

I usually use the same hair also.

I was quite surprised that the little GW with the bone or ivory scales was very sharp. So I paste stropped and shaved this morning with excellent results.

Hair on the back of my hand seems to give a good and consistent indication.
^ Good! It's important to find your own way.
Interestingly enough, learning SR shaving improved my DE shaving. SR shaving tought me blade angle and whisker engagement.
I have said numerous times that using a SR improves your shaves. You might even find you can get good, comfortable shaves from a cart using techniques you use for SR shaves. Even if you don't realise you are using them.
I love SR shaves, but DEs are like autopilot for early morning shaves before work. I'll be using my SRs for beard and neck touch up this winter. Cheers all.
For me DE razors and SR's work really well as a system. I shave in the morning, and I don't like to get up extra early to do a three pass SR shave. I make my first pass with a SR count, and do a clean up pass with a DE. It is actually faster then just using a DE.
During the weekend I like to take my time using only a SR.
This have improved both my SR and DE skills, in my opinion.
I like both DE's and SR's. Sometimes I switch things up and use an efficient DE and do a touch up pass with a SR.
I was having issues with my hands and was afraid I could hold a SR safely. So I went back to the DE. I found I could shave with about any DE in my collection without any issue. After a little more than a year I had some surgery on my hand. And nowadays I went back to the SR. I have to admit it took me 8 to 10 shaves before it came back to me after more than a year away. But now I can shave with any razor. I enjoy being able to use any style of razor but the straight is my favorite.

So IMO, It's a good thing when you can stop and go back to the others. Enjoy them and come back. It makes it that much more fun.
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