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Least expensive blade on the market?

Folks will go and spend $40 to $70 bucks on a new dbl. edge razor then hunt for the least expensive blade. This logic escapes me, but then YMMV?

Are you sure its really the same folks?

There's a range of people here with quite a bit of disposable income to those still spending there parents money.
I've tried both an Asco Red and a Crown blade recently that were free samples with an order. The prep was the best I've done and the lather was very good (Wilkinson Sword stick). The shave was close, smooth, and comfortable, with little to no irritation. People were asking me later, however, why my face was so red, and what had I been doing out in the sun without protection. The only thing I could think of was pushing a cheap blade too far, like two shaves, with a very slick lather. With that kind of result, even free is too high a price.

My next cheapest purchase was 150 Dorco ST-301's for $10 shipped. Don't think that deal is available anymore. I have about 100 left, and seldom push them to even 3 shaves, with good to very good results.
I would love to pick these up in bulk. I was PIF'd a couple of these and the shave was great. I'm still holding on to one of these because I don't want to use the last one. A link would be great, please post or PM the link, thanks.

Pm sent. Paging dridiot.
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